Review – Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018

Perhaps it’s only me but I could definitely turn it to a Monday-thing to review collections in order to get the week going. Like a nice moment of fashion dreams before heading into another week? Well anyways, as I was looking for a picture to use for this article, I realized that the entire collection from Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018 is an absolute gem. I mean, of course we need this for a Monday review! It’s summer, it’s wearable and it’s everything I want to dress like these days. Catch the full collection here!

Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018

If I were to describe this collection with only two words, I’d probably call it a collection that embodies the very idea of casual romanticism (whatever that means). But the collection has a nice go of all the elements that are typical of a more romantic style of ruffles, red, lace, florals and dresses. These elements are however combined in a way that makes them appear more casual, and daily, than what one might think of a red floral dress with ruffles. This is mainly due to the contrasts in the look, or styling, that reflects a more wearable fashion. For instance, this pairing of the gingham skirt with a regular denim shirt. Or this look with the tan colored belt that tones down the combo of the white shirt and dramatic maxi skirt. Taking romantic elements and infuse them with casual details is probably the very core of casual romanticism. It makes the more romantic fashion work in a daily context, which makes it wearable and approachable on a larger scale.

The collection relies heavily on the power of ruffles, which is an element that adds energy and movement to the clothes. The ruffles can be found in every other look which creates a nice coherency and also shows the versatile style of the voluminous look. With a core of red, white and black, the collection feels rather classic but contemporary with the use of trendy elements in combination, such as ruffles and gingham, wrap style and florals, statement sleeves for a blouse etc. I have to say though that the collection probably feels extra chic due to the brilliant styling, the deconstructed vintage setting and choice of model. Kind of on the verge of creating a “group attractiveness effect”, but I dare to say that the specific clothing pieces are contemporary and wearable enough to work outside this presentation.

Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018 Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018 Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018

Thoughts on the collection

As you might already have figured out, I believe the geniusness in this collection lies within the styling. I mean, the clothing pieces are good too, but the majority have been done before. The styling however, is perhaps one step up with the bold mix of casual elements and romantic ones. I do think that this look is a stylish example of the duo with the romantic length, yet edgy cute of the belt. Same goes for this look with the kind of dull looking fabric yet stylish with the cut of the skirt. This set is a wearable dream, same goes for this dress that comes with the fun twist of the dropped waist.

The styling is really really good for most part (like in this look and this one), but there are times when the styling feels a bit pretentious. Like this vest of gold which as nothing to do with the red dress. Or this denim jacket with the maxi stripes. Both of the clothing pieces could pass if they were styled with more wearable pieces. Overall though, the styling is really worth some analyze because it’s that brilliant. Like this layering of the gingham dress with the lace skirt, a bold move but blends together well with the white color in common. Also this mix of two different kinds of gingham in one outfit is an example of great styling and the choice of burgundy to go with a green/white print (and the blue to the copper!!). I mean, I could just go on and on about this! But really though folks, go through this collection and take notes of how the looks are styled, because there are so many smart things to try yourself. Notice how the colors are balanced, the textures and the different styles! Some summer school at its finest – ahh!

Folks! What are your thoughts on Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018? Do you like the collection or not? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018 Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018 Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018

All pictures belongs to Johanna Ortiz

16 thoughts on “Review – Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018

  1. I could not agree more – the styling is everything here! Which inspires me a ton…since my summer styling has fallen to the wayside in favor of quick n’ easy 😉 The patterns are so on point and I love the colors. I kind of really like this collection xx

    1. Hahah I’m all for quick n’ easy these days too though, so I hear ya! Xx

  2. Hands down my favourite collection to have ever seen on your blog. I’m not even kidding. The ruffles, the materials, the patterns, the cuts. I’m DYING OVER HERE haha. How I wish that pink and white ruffled maxi skirt was hanging in my wardrobe right now. Ugh. Beautiful!!!! Hope you’ve had a fabulous start to the new week! x

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