Review: Carolina Herrera Resort 2019

The tricky thing with a chic background is that it sometimes outshines the collection itself, or lifts it to a point where it’s elevated by the geniusness of the setting. Well, so is kind of the case of Carolina Herrera Resort 2019. Don’t get me wrong, the looks are divine but the star of the show is the background! Anyways, here’s a review of it all (catch the full collection here):

Carolina Herrera Resort 2019 1

Carolina Herrera Resort 2019

So the brand of Herrera is one that’s more of the lady kind. It’s structure, simple details, floral prints and with an uncomplicated style. The Carolina Herrera Resort 2019 collection, if anything, confirms the aesthetic of the brand, going for all things typical Herrera. In center of the collection is that sophisticated, yet controlled, elegance with a mix of structure, lively floral details and some flowy silhouettes of summer. It’s classic colors of black, white and red, but also retro shades of pink, red, orange, blue and yellow. The collection includes dresses, pantsuits, blazers, blouses and skirts. There’s a timelessness in the styling but with a contemporary twist of mixing contrasting colors and the idea of letting the accessories be in focus. 

Carolina Herrera Resort 2019 1

Thoughts on the collection

Okey, so let’s be honest here. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the collection, or reflected over it more thoroughly, if it wouldn’t have been for the chic background. But the combination of the classic, retro resort vibe and the elegant lady style is as fashionable as it’s genius. You would perhaps expect more relaxed clothes in a setting with a vibe like that, but the contrast works somehow! Now, it’s hard to summarize the collection, as it’s rather incoherent and sort of all over the place. The only thing the looks have in common is that they embody the same sort of style. There are however, some highlights that definitely are worthy of some extra love and attention.

First of all, this look. I mean, hasn’t it Audrey Hepburn gone resort written all over it? It’s pure perfection with the dropped silhouette, the structured hat and the shoes. The dress is perhaps a bit too proper for my taste, but it’s balanced with the palm trees in the background (if that makes sense). Another chic look that’s similar, is this one with the adorable polka dots dress, perhaps a bit more modern and relatable if you ask me. I think the color combination in this look needs a round of applause and same goes for these looks. I love the close shots of all the sunnies/earrings/makeup, with this shot in specific being really chic (that blush!).

I usually point out looks that are not working, and I could do it here too, but I’d much rather point out the whole idea of the setting elevating the collection. I mean, yes it’s an elegant collection, yes the clothes are objectively pretty and the styling equally so, but this would’ve been just another collection if it weren’t for the setting that captures the resort vibe to its core. This is a chic look and everything, but it’s also kind of only a white blouse with a black skirt. It looks much cuter though with the background, the oranges (lol) and the makeup of the model. If you hear me?  The brilliance in this resort collection is the combination of the styling, the makeup, the setting and the overall idea! With that said, I wouldn’t hesitate to stroll around in this look and being all that elegant and impractical!


Folks! What are your thoughts on Carolina Herrera Resort 2019? Do you agree or what are your thoughts on the collections? Xx

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16 thoughts on “Review: Carolina Herrera Resort 2019

  1. I actually really love the collection! I think it’s very on trend right now but it does have a bit of a spin on it which I find elegant and retro as mentioned. Love that you showcased this!

  2. Giiiiiiirl, this post is everything! I’ve literally been obsessed with everything Carolina Herrera for years now. I kind of get where you’re coming from about the resort setting contributing a lot to the overall vibe, but WOW does it work well. I’m dying over the predictable femininity from Carolina Herrera, oh and of course the oranges – literally THE fruit of the season haha 😉 Have a fabulous week!! x

  3. That blue tulle dress is my favorite piece, so beautiful! I’m also loving the mix of colors in the collection, all so fresh and fun, yet the elegant design and styling balance it out. I agree, the background is competing a bit with the looks. I think not only because it’s a beautiful scenery, but also because it’s divided with the solid wall, making it stand out even more, so your eye just shifts back. Of course you and I notice these things, lol! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!


  4. I do really love the background! It is super distracting though. Not too distracting for the walls of my apartment 😉 At first I was really taken aback by the use (and absence) of color, but after reading your point about the makeup, styling, and set making the collection…I have to agree. Not a total bust, but that orange blush is what draws me to these looks. Happy Tuesday, Mia!


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