Recyclable Trends Fall 2020

Fashion is always changing and with each season new trends emerges. However, the cycle of trends is not definite, but can span for years. For the trends fall 2020, there are a lot of trends being recycled from past seasons and even decades. Here’s a list of some recyclable trends fall 2020: 

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Recyclable Trends Fall 2020


The blazer has perhaps become the most beloved wardrobe item the last years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always been a key staples, but have lately worked both as jackets and, well, blazer. It’s common to layer it over crop tops, transparent tops, midi dresses and floral prints. The blazer is also great for layering, like a classic shirt and blazer combination. Or if it’s a chilly day, why not a sweater and blazer duo? Learn more about the blazer for fall here.

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Midi Skirts

The midi skirt is another trendy item this fall. It’s commonly done in silky materials, although leather is a popular material too. The midi skirts are popular to do patterned, but also with ruffles and diagonal cuts. One of the trendiest items this spring and summer has been the silk skirt. Often done in pastels. If you don’t own a midi skirt, don’t fret, the midi dresses are also major this upcoming season! Read more about the midi style here.

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Polka Dots

The polka dot pattern made a comeback last year, like big time. The polka dots are kind of common as anything, but dresses, blouses and skirts have probably been the most common styles. The timeless style of black/white have been really popular, although pastels versions have been spotted too. Learn more about the polka dots here. 

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Is it even fall if you don’t wear a turtleneck? Well, not sure as it’s such a great fall item. It keeps you warm, it keeps you layered and it keeps you chic. The turtlenecks have been common as dresses but also sweaters and simple tops. Great if you want to layer over a dress or under a blazer. Chunky knitted sweaters with turtlenecks are the best for this season! Here’s another article on the turtleneck.

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Statement Sleeves

If you own anything with statement sleeves, you definitely need to wear it this fall! The statement sleeves trend emerged way back in 2015 and is still going strong. Well, this time it’s more about puffy sleeves and voluminous ones, but trumpet sleeves are still in the spotlight. Work your statement sleeves with jeans, high-waisted pants and midi skirts this fall! Learn more about the statement sleeves here and here.

Folks! What’s your favorite trend of these recycable trends fall 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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8 thoughts on “Recyclable Trends Fall 2020

  1. I love all these trends and I’m glad they are sticking around. I do need a blazer update though, and I wouldn’t mind another midi skirt as well!

  2. I truly love this blog post and mainly because I’m trying in different ways lately to be a little more sustainable when it comes to fashion. Your suggestion of turtlenecks is a fabulous one and especially as it’ll be getting colder again soon! Have a lovely week 🙂 x

    1. I’m so happy you like it Gabrielle! It’s all about the sustainable fashion game indeed! Xx

  3. Hello Mia, hope you’re doing fantastic!

    Totally agree with you, some trends deserve to be there in our wardrobe and just wait to reappear in upcoming seasons, and some of them can be used for a longer time, such as the blazer and also the midi… but maybe in different colors or styled with the key pieces of that season.

    I also like there is a little bit of everything in this post: something spectacular (like that big sleeves), then the blazer which is more formal and then the polka dots (a little bit fun to add a smile to everyday!)

    Stay safe! Gonna check the other posts of the week!

    1. Hahah yes! This is why you shouldn’t throw away old clothes, because if you wait long enough you’re going to be able to wear it again. That’s why I love going through my mom’s closet and all the pieces she’s kept from the 80s and the 90s! Xx

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