Rahul Mishra Fall 2022 Couture Collection

Folks! I took two weeks offline to enjoy summer and just life in general. I think it’s the first time in years I didn’t even open my computer for two weeks? It was simply put, amazing. But! I’m back with renewed energy and can’t wait to chat about trends, styling, beauty and all things fashion with you. First out is a review of Rahul Mishra’s Fall 2022 Couture Collection, it’s a dream. See the full collection here.

Rahul Mishra Fall 2022

Rahul Mishra is an Indian fashion designer whose collections are playful, detailed and artsy. Elements- and motives of nature are central in his design, and the end result is everything you wish a couture designer would focus on. His couture collection for fall 2022 is glam, luxe, creative. It shares a lot of similarities with what Valentino used to do a couple of seasons ago, but in a positive way. Gold, black and oversized florals are the staples of the fall 2022 collection. I have a lot of looks I adore from this collection, but I thought it’d be easiest to pick out a few and focus on them. Why I enjoy these specific looks and why they’re so genius in their couture context.

Gold Leaves

Okey, hold up! Gold and black has always been a fierce combination, but this time it’s done to perfection. I love the gold pattern in contrast with the black background, the black textile makes the gold pop in the best way possible. Absolutely stunning how the shoulders are built up in a fun, natural, and playful way. Perfect styling too with gold shoes and matching earrings. 

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Perfect Skirt

I think the skirt in this look is just perfection, the length, the details and the gold. I would love to wear it with a simple black tops and some chic open toe stilettos. I think the bralette balances the skirt lovely here though, and the maxi coat frames the outfit beautifully. Maybe I would’ve put the coat with a matching mint blue dress, but it’s more couture to make the prints clash. Also love the gold detail of the sunglasses. 

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Statement Shoulders

I want this dress so much. Honestly, somewhere between the choice of colors and the draping of the arms and the oversized flowers; it’s so gorgeous. The sequins also adds to the luxe vibe, along with the statement style and the gold accessories. I mean, this is the kind of dress we want to see at the Met Gala. 

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Artsy Body

Similar to the previous dress, we have this gorgeous bodysuit! I love how the flowers are done in 3D, which creates a more dynamic effect. They are also beautifully and thoughtfully placed which creates a lovely flow. I think the color palette is also totally right, embodying that sweet late summer style. 

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Rounded Silhouette

Hehehe tired of statement sleeves? Well, I’m not! This dress is another gem with the big rounded sleeves and the black/gold combination. The 3D leaves are layered in a stylish and organic way, which creates a gorgeous pattern with the most glam vibe. This is also the kind of dress you want to see at the Met Gala. It’s fun, artsy and it celebrates fashion. 

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Layered Leaves

I’ve seen versions of a dress like this before with layered leaves creating the illusion of a scale pattern. I think it’s a gorgeous way of creating a more dimensional pattern and still keep the dress pretty wearable. The deep v-cute gives 70s vibe, which is further emphasized with the halterneck style. I can definitely see a dress like this on the red carpet! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on this collection? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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3 thoughts on “Rahul Mishra Fall 2022 Couture Collection

  1. Hello Mia, I am happy to read that you’re doing fine and that you had the chance to enjoy a digital detox. It is necessary from time to time and I would love to have the chance to escape from my digital devices and obligations in a tiny moment of the year.

    Now talking about the fashion topic of this article… I am really happy to see that you’re back bringint interesting news, trends and profiles! I have to admit that this is the first time I hear about Rahul Mishra. I can see a lot of interesting features of this designer, specially the big silhouettes and the patterns to construct the silhouettes! And of course details like the gold laves or the flowers make the pieces even more interesting!!

    Have a great weekend ahead!

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