Purple Color Combinations 2018

As summer continues I try to keep the summer fashion interesting by trying new color combinations consistently. The color that’s been on my mind for most part this summer is purple. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about its comeback earlier this year, but with every new (old) trend that pops back, it often takes some time getting used to. Anyways, here’s some ideas for purple color combinations 2018!

Purple Color Combinations 2018

Photo by Michel Catalisano on Unsplash

Purple Color Combinations 2018

Lilac and Baby Yellow

If you want to work more pastels, and do so in combination, this color combination is definitely one for you. A bright purple and a baby yellow are two shades that blends well together. They’re quite neutral with the bright style, yet a statement when paired together. Lilac and yellow in combination is also one for the retro style, reaching for a 60s/70s mood!

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Lavender and Blue

Another favorite I’ve been wearing lately is to enhance the blue color in lavender by adding more blue. Especially colder and darker shades of blue such as primary blue or Klein blue works well with this. I don’t think you see this shade so often, especially not for summer, which is why it’s a fun one to try for a change. I can’t really motivate why but I do think the most flattering combination is to go for a lavender top and blue pants/skirts. You can also try the two in a print, the opposing style of the shades creates an interesting effect!

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Violet and White

I know I’ve talked about this one before, but let’s revive it shall we? Going for that crispy, 90s babe, space vibe kind of style – the violet and white combination is a stylish one to try. The darker style of violet is enhanced well with a crispy white.  I think this duo is best to do with purple clothes and add white accessories! If you’d like to throw in a third shade, a pea green, or silver color, would complement the two favorably.


Folks! What’s your favorite of the purple color combinations 2018? Or how do you style purple this summer? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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34 thoughts on “Purple Color Combinations 2018

  1. Mia! How you doing? Hope you’re having a good summer? I know that I’ve been absent lately but I’m always taking a look at your posts and I’ve share your blog with many fashion folks that love to talk about these topics too!
    I’ve seen that purple is taking over media, editorials and stores but I feel that is kind of tricky to play with this color, but these proposals are definitely a good motivation to start collecting garments in this color! Love all the proposals but when you mix it with a soft yellow it works like a charm!
    Best regards and thanks for your constant support!

    1. Aww that’s so nice of you Pablo – thank you!! And yes, it’s something with a sweet purple and yellow in combination!! Xx

  2. I’m so glad that all those fab colours are trending. I do love to combine different hues, purple is such a versatile shade to combine with. My fave combo is purple and orange. Enjoy the week darling!

    xx Simone

    Little Glittery Box

  3. These are such gorgeous color combinations! I adore purple but admittedly own very little of it. Time to change that!

  4. I think I’ve mentioned that I’m not typically too fond of the color purple, BUT I don’t know, for some reason I’ve been loving the idea of it more than usual lately. I think the fact that it’s the color of the year and I’ve been seeing it around a lot more has something to do with it. In fact, I just ordered a suede moto jacket in a rich plum purple shade that I can’t wait to get and wear! I’m loving the inspiration you’ve shared here, which even though the purple is much darker, will give me some ideas on wearing. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



    1. Oh that sounds exciting hun! Can’t wait to see how you’ll style it this fall! Xx

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