Preview: Makeup Trends Fall 2018

Continuing from Friday’s article and the fashion trends of fall 2018, today is all about the makeup trends fall 2018. Don’t worry, I’ll pin down the hair trends, nail trends and skincare trends in several articles in the upcoming weeks. To make it easy and structured though, I thought I’d start with talking about the makeup we’ll be working this fall. As I always say with makeup trends, they are not as distinct and elaborate as fashion trends can be, but they’re fun however! Here are the makeup trends fall 2018:

Makeup Trends Fall 2018

Photo by Dmitriy Ilkevich on Unsplash

Makeup Trends Fall 2018

Playful Purple

Folks! I’m telling you, purple is THE color this year. Not only for the clothes but for the makeup life as well. It was quite the go-to colors for many designers including: Halpern, Marc Jacobs, Pilotto, Anna Sui and Prada. Purple was mainly used as eyeshadow and the darker shades, like ultra violet, was rather common. I think the shades that are closest to black and grey are the most neutral and wearable ones but a bright lavender sounds rather adorable if you ask me. A lavender eyeshadow with wine red lips and you have a makeup look I’d love to work for fall! Catch this #Trendalert on purple that I wrote last week if you want some inspiration fashion-wise too!

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Warm Metallics

The cold metallics, such as silver, might have been the most popular metallic for the runway when speaking of clothes but when it comes to the makeup, warm metallics as gold and copper seems to be the winner. A lot of warm colors done in the metallic style, like orange, peach or brown were used as eyeshadows this season. The classic gold was also quite the winner, adding a nice and favorable shimmer to the eyes. I think gold is a genius color to match with the rest of the fall colors, which makes it ultimate for the fashion trends fall 2018. Jill Stuart, Pamella Roland, Temperley, Ulla Johnson, Akris and Thom Browne went for the warm metallics!

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Natural Minimalism

I did point out in this article that skincare and good looking skin is the most valuable currency this year in the beauty game and I think this fashion month confirmed just that. The no makeup makeup look was everywhere and I believe it’s a nice contrast to the heavy, statement, makeup looks that have been trending the past seasons. Isabel Marant, Dries Van Noten, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Emilia Wickstead, Lanvin, Jacquemes, Saint Laurent, Balmain, Givenchy and Valentino all went for the natural minimalism. A good looking skin is key for this, or makeup products that will help you achieve the look. Some light mascara and perhaps eyeshadow, some bronzer or blush and you’re good to go. I mean, it’s a makeup look after all though its aim is to perfect your own features!


Folks! Which one of these makeup trends fall 2018 is your favorite and why? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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30 thoughts on “Preview: Makeup Trends Fall 2018

    1. Hahah perhaps that’s the thing though, that the models work the look so well! Xx

  1. I love all of these trends! I have some dark purple eyeshadow but maybe I need to add a lighter, brighter shade this season. I also love a natural look so I’m glad that’s a trend as well!

    1. That sounds lovely, would love to see a makeup look featured on your blog! Xx

  2. Hey Mia! Hope you’re having a good Monday! I really wanted to catch up with The Fashion Folks and I finally had a time to do it with my cup of coffee 😉

    It is true that make up trends are not as remarkable as fashion trends, but I really like to see how make up plays an important role in every catwalk, I would say it is as important as the venue or the right accessories to highlight the clothes in the right way.

    I would say glam metallic could be a big thing in the upcoming season, love that it makes a contrast with the natural look and is not a big scandal, just the perfect amount of color 😉

    Best and thanks for your feedback on my site. I really appreciate your opinions since your blog is one of those sites that really deserve to be read ❤

    1. You’re such a gem Pablo, thank you always for writing cheerful words! And I couldn’t agree more with your definition of the role that makeup plays! Xx

  3. I have some major catching up to do on your blog! I look forward to reading Friday’s post. I tend to keep my makeup neutral for the most part, especially since becoming a mom, when I’m switching out clothes some days for different situations having a makeup look that goes with everything is just easier. However, for fall and winter, there’s always so much going on with the holiday season, that it truly allows for one to have fun with experimenting with different looks and in this case, trends. I never sported purple lids before, but I must say that I’m starting to consider it, as the looks you’ve shared here are gorgeous, especially the first and third, LOVE! I also love your idea of violet eyes and wine lips, that would look stunning! Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far!



    1. Right?! The purple makeup looks gorgeous and I definitely would never wear something like that but even I consider to try it haha! Xx

  4. Usually I’m all for natural looks, I despise too much make up in my face and I don’t feel very comfortable wearing it. Give me some metallics tho and I’m all happy, it gives the overall look a special touch. Have a wonderful week ahead babe

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. I’m same honestly! I like to focus on one or two areas and other than that I like it natural. But adore the gold! Xx

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