Preview: Fashion Trends Fall 2018

Oh it’s a big one today folks! After rain comes sunshine and after the fashion weeks comes a trend report on the fashion trends fall 2018. Kind of how it goes right?! Anyways, here’s a preview of some of the fashion trends this fall and oh, catch  a summarizing article of all the weeks here!

Fashion Trends Fall 2018

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Fashion Trends Fall 2018

1980s Mood

If there’s only one thing I’d point out that all of the fashion trends of the weeks had in common it would be the 1980s style. The decade is still going strong, if anything it feels like it’s growing! NYFW went for the oversized silhouette with an emphasis on the shoulders and also the print mixing. LFW also went for the 1980s prints which PFW included too. Animal prints as in leo, zebra but also check patterns! The office style of the 1980s was also present with blazers, pantsuits and oversized coats being central for the decade. With that said, a fall of oversized check blazers and crazy 1980s prints is to be expected! Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Balmain, Michael Kors and Victoria Beckham are some designers that are in a 1980s mode!

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Print Mix

One thing I thoroughly enjoyed this season was that designers dared to mix prints with one another. It was floral prints with plaid pattern, animal prints with geometric ones and so on. I think this trend reflects the 1980s in both the print way but also the maximalism fashion. Daring to go for that extra detail in order to create a chic statement. If you want to embrace this trend all you truly have to do is to go for more than one print in one look. I did a full article on how to do it in 2018 here. Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors, Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Erdem, Delpozo and Mary Katrantzou all dared to mix prints!

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Sportswear Fashion

It’s trendy to be fit and it’s trendy to look fit these days! The fashion world is not too preoccupied with showing your body though, the sportswear fall 2018 is about layers, puffy jackets, turtlenecks, warm materials and has a modern yet retro ski resort vibe written all over it. Makes sense, right? The neon colors were also included in this trend as well as knitwear, hoodies, visible socks and sneakers. Some designers that embraced the sportswear fashion includes: Prada, Sportmax, Marni, Balmain, Tom Ford, Ashley Williams and Christopher Kane!

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Office Wear

Another prominent 1980s trend is the office wear  which has been in style for a few seasons and is still going strong. The office wear style includes shirts, blazers, coats, fine materials and a lot of check patterns. The 1980s office wear included a lot of intense colors and contrasts with purple, red, mint green and peach being popular. LFW did however reach for the more 90s kind of style of the office wear with the pale beige, navy blue and grey – with that said, you’re fine to stay trendy either by going neutral or popping color. Roksanda, Jil Sander, Erdem, Salvatore Ferragamo, Simone Rocha and Poiret are some designers that went for the office style!

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Colorful Clothes

The fall season might be more associated with neutral colors, jewel tones and earthy shades rather than intense, monochromatic and popping shades. Well, this season we are heading for the latter version of the fall fashion with colorful clothes in focus. It’s hard to pin down a color that was specifically popular as it more felt like a confetti of shades. Red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow or orange – it’s up to you what colors you feel like lighting up the fall weather with. Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Missoni, Tom Ford, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Marni all decided to go for the colorful life for fall!


Folks! Which one of these fashion trends fall 2018 is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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32 thoughts on “Preview: Fashion Trends Fall 2018

  1. Now, I’m loving what the fashion forecast is looking like! I’ve never really been too obsessed with ’80s fashion, aside from the bold colors, it just never really spoke to me. However, lately, I’ve been really loving the bold, dramatic shoulders I’ve been seeing, which seems to be starting out this season and will gain momentum for the fall. Like you, I’m a huge fan of pattern mixing, so I appreciate when it’s done, especially with more unique patterns and colors, it makes for such a unique look. Thanks for sharing, beauty, I’m quite excited about the fashion ahead, though I’m in no rush for the fall season to come, haha. I’m begging for warmer days and that quote, “after rain comes sunshine”, couldn’t have resonated with me more than right now 🙂 Happy Monday, my sweet friend!



    1. It will be a fun fall huh?! I adore the print mix too and all the bright colors. Looking forward to see some fierce summer outfits from you first though! Xx

  2. Hey Mia!
    I’ve seen many fashion week recaps but I always pick yours as my favorite ’cause you really know how to spot the best of the best with all the details included. As usual, I am always excited to see the things we’re going to wear in the upcoming season, but I would say 80’s could play a big card during Fall-Winter and sporty garments will remain in the eye for many seasons ’till somebody give another twist to this kind of clothes 😉

    1. Aww thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. The 80s will be fun to see how it will be interpreted this fall! Xx

  3. Lots of exciting trends coming up this autumn! I have learned a lot about mixing prints from your blog, so it’s nice to see that reflected in the mainstream fashion trends, as well. I also like to see more colourful outfits. Autumn is dark and gloomy enough as it is, so a pop of colour is always good. 🙂 Thanks for sharing lovely, and thank you for the kind comment on my blog – it means a lot. <3 xoxo


    1. Haha I’m glad to hear that love! some pops of colors will be favorable indeed! Sending you all the love hun! Xx

  4. Oh yay for all of these trends! The 80s will be very big I think and I am already planning some looks haha 🙂 I also think that those colors will color up our fall season perfectly!
    xx, Carmen –

    1. I’m starting to enjoy it more and more too, at least when it’s done more contemporary! Xx

  5. I think my favorite trend here is all the colors! That purple pleated skirt… so gorgeous. I like the office wear trend too, it’s definitely more me than the athletic wear, ha! Maybe if I dressed more athletically I’d be more athletic? Ha!

  6. I’m definitely here for the office wear; all that you’ve listed has got me looking fooooorward to Autumn! Have to admit, I’ve never been keen on emphasis being placed on the shoulders, but that’s cool I’ll just leave the shoulder pads to others… haha! Have a fabulous weekend babe!! x

  7. These are interesting flashback trends, the 80s is not my favourite fashion decade but I think out of these generally, colourful clothing speaks to me. Great F/W inspiration! Happy weekend, darling! xx/Madison

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