Preview: Beauty Trends Spring 2017

So I’ll be honest with you. Are beauty trends that exciting? Perhaps not. They kind of look the same year after year. If they do look different however, it’s not something for the everyday life. But as with all trends, they are perhaps more to be inspired by than to adopt within the minute. Nevertheless, I love to be inspired and know what the beauty industry is up to. And as the fashion weeks just ended, here is a preview on the Beauty Trends Spring 2017: (And pssst, of course I’ll come back to them when it’s time for spring again, no need to take notes!).

Beauty Trends Spring 2017 | The Fashion Folks

Makeup trends of Spring/Summer 2017

Color Pop

So this trend is for everyone who wants to go makeup bold but kind of doesn’t have the time to do so. The color popping trend is a neutral makeup look with one bold touch of color. It may be your lips, your eyeliner or even ears (lol Proenza Schouler). The key part is to keep the rest of the face natural and let the color pop steal the attention. And ohh, even though I named the trend color pop, it can be color subtle too! See Leonard Paris below.

Smudgy Life

The smudgy life is all about a smudgy eyeshadow/eyeliner around the eye. Compared to its older sister, the smokey eye, this one is done with one shade and a lot of mess. We’d suggest doing a liner around the eye and smudge it out! The idea is for it to look messy, so it’s kind of fool proof. See Rag & Bone below.

More Metallic

We talked about metallic for fall, but folks, you can work it for spring too! As with color pop, choose a random area of your face for a touch of metallic. Fendi did it on the lips, but eyeshadow, highlighter or even brows will work too. Whatever you decide, make sure to add the sparkle of life to da face! And yes, you can go beyond silver and gold, do one in a metallic hue that suits you best. See Fendi below.

Back (again) to the 1980s

Am I talking about anything else but the 1980s? Pretty sure it’s all I’m talking about these days. However, stay alive cause the 80s are going strong next year too! It’s the neon colors, the use of too much blush as well as eyeshadow. The less you blend, the better kind of! See Jeremy Scott below.

Hair Trends of Spring/Summer 2017

Side Part

So the mid part has kind of been in style ever since it made its comeback in 2008, but is the era finally coming to an end? Might be so as the side part seems to be the way to go next season. Take your hair, part it on one side and work it! I think that this look is perfect for a sporty vibe, but who knows, it might make its way to the fashionista life too! See Salvatore Ferragamo below:


As we thought we already had a good sense of braids, the beauty world is still finding new ways on how to keep the hairstyle trendy. Braids in any shape and form, however you like it, is trendy next year too. Instagram is hinting that the tight, sporty, baked braid is hotter than ever. The designers did braids in different styles, so I’m pretty sure you’re good to go with whatever you want. See Kenzo below.

Folks! That’s a preview on the Beauty Trends Spring 2017. Yay, nay, okay? Leave a comment below!

69 thoughts on “Preview: Beauty Trends Spring 2017

  1. I’ve never been into beauty trends but I’ve recently been getting more into experimenting with different products so I was excited to find this post! Thank you for all the tips, I’m game for any type of braid so I’ll be playing with that one and the metallic idea I think 🙂 xx

  2. I love the smudged, lived-in eyeliner look – it’s great for hiding the fact that I’m terrible at eyeliner!

  3. Love the metallic trend! Not sure I could pull of the lips but with Christmas coming definitely go sparkle with the eyeshadow! I have always loved braids! great post x

  4. I like all these trends and that they can all be wearable for anyone. I love the idea of a bright pop of color in just one area, and the smudgy eyes look so pretty!

  5. Loving this post! I have actually been doing a lot of smudging under the eye with neutral browns so it’s good to know I’m a little ahead this year 😉 I’m still wanting to try the metallic lip color, even for fall! I’ve watched a few tutorials and I’m really loving the look of it! I have yet to master the perfect braid and will continue to play around with that look also! Thanks for sharing babe!

    xoxo Rina

  6. I’m loving that some of these beauty trends are also trending for fall, such as braids and metallics in clothing, so it makes it much more exciting and effortless to transition them to spring, too! I think the ones I’m most excited to explore are metallic eyes and braids, though my braid game is not on point, haha; I’d have go somewhere and have it done. Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead!



    1. Yes I love when trends stretches over seasons and one get’s the chance to interpretate them in different ways! Metallics and braids are lovely and love them in combination too! Haha practice love, practice!! Xx

  7. I’m not very into beauty trends (since I’m not so skillfull in doing make up ^^)so nortmally I don’t like exaggerate make ups and prefer natural ones maybe with some original touch!
    So color pops and smudgy life are my faves in this case! ^^
    Have a lovely week end! 🙂

  8. I love it when you do beauty posts, they are always so informative and such joy to read! 🙂 I love the idea of a smudgy eyeshadow/eyeliner, actually. I’ve been into wearing darker eyeshadow lately, so I might give that a shot – thank you for the inspiration! 🙂 Also, braids are absolutely beautiful all year round. I don’t wear them much myself but I adore them on others – if done right, they can be totally gorgeous! Thank you for sharing & I hope you’re having a beautiful week so far. 🙂 x


    1. Thank you love, that makes me so happy to hear! I love the smudgy look too, it’s so simple and yet so chic to create! Will definitely save me a lot of time haha. And braids are just lovely, they work for so much and can be worn in so many different versions!

      Have a lovely weekend! Xx

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