Prep your skin for summer

As the seasons changes so should your beauty routines do as well! Different weather conditions have different impacts on your skin so naturally you should adapt after the circumstances. Folks? This is how to prepp your skin for summer!


We will probably never stop gushing about exfoliating your skin! If going summer shopping is a new start (fashion-wise) for the season ahead, exfoliating is kind of the fresh start for your skin. We’ve written a post here about exfoliating with the tips and tricks. An addition for summer is to remember to add some extra moisturizing when you exfoliate, as the skin tends to get dry prep your skin for summerafter all the water and time in the sun! How about trying the honey DIY we wrote about here?


Keeping your skin fresh during the summer is both essential and a golden gem for a perfect summer face. Of course staying hydrated is our top go-to on the list, not only important for your skin but also for your body as the heat is dehydrating. Also investing in a good moisturizer (perhaps coconut oil?) that’s both light yet thorough, is a great one for the summer. We’ll definitely be all sweaty from the heat and no need for some products to add to the sticky feeling!

To think about

And hello, let be wise here for a moment and talk about the sun and the skin. Believe it or not but how lovely a nice tan might be, it can also be a dangerous one if you don’t protect yourself. Exploiting your skin in the sun without protection increases the skin’s aging process, can lead to cancer and dries it out! So stay in the shadows every now and then, add the SPF in the mornings and forget the sun when it’s the strongest during the day (between 11 am and 3 pm)

Folks, how do you prep your skin for summer?
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110 thoughts on “Prep your skin for summer

  1. I use exfoliator scrubs that I make and use a few organic ones that I love a couple times a week. Taking proper care of your skin is really essential. Great post.

  2. I exfoliate my skin at least once a week and apply generous amount of moisturisers. Agree with you that exfoliating and not protecting the skin from direct sun light is the worst thing anyone can do to their skin.

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. There’s a fine balance between exfoliating too often and doing it when it’s necessary, if you’d like to do it more often you can do a DIY and choose ingredients that are soft and kind towards the skin! Xx

  3. These are such great, practical tips for creating and maintaining that natural summer glow. I have oily skin, so I have to exfoliate quite often, it really does wonders for your skin! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!



  4. Sunscreen is the most important step in any skin care routine not only summer but year round, especially if you live in a sunny place! I live in California, so sunscreen is a must year round!


    Tamra –

  5. thanks for sharing these tips <3 spf is super important for everyday use! I cannot go a day without it

  6. Great post. Coconut oil is amazing, but not for oily skin, but it’s easy to find good oil for oily skin 🙂

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