Articles of December

Folks! I know things been slow here on The Fashion Folks lately, but life outside this website has been quite demanding. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my bachelor thesis. It’s about the historical relationship between fashion and society (with focus on the 18th century and its manifestation through portraits – too nerdy I know!). Well, I’m more or less done and ready to shift my focus back to The Fashion Folks. I’m looking forward to write more about fashion history here, as well as trends, styling, sustainable fashion, beauty and just general tips on the fashion/beauty life. First though, here’s a cheers to the year that was. Find a summary of the articles here. And secondly, here’s a mini-highlight of the articles of December!

Highlights of December

With all my heart, hope you’ve had a magical 2019, that 2020 is the year you’ll enjoy life even more. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. With love, with presence, with words and emotions. I’m so immensely grateful for all of you reading my articles, commenting, debating and giving feedback. You are magical. Thank you. 2020? Let’s get started! /Mia

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