Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Spring 2019 – Review

I try to mix the collections I review. Make sure that I cover a lot of different styles, as that’s the beauty of fashion – it can look so different. If last week was contemporary Victorian, this week is about wearability, embraced in Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini spring 2019!

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Spring 2019

This spring 2019 collection was all about loose fabrics, ruffles, transparent materials and enhanced sleeves. Much of the collection felt like a carefree vibe with light clothing pieces, perfect for hotdays. The colors were mainly bright and fresh, like white and blue, but also some brown and black. In the spotlight of the collection were the dresses but also the puffy blouses, that all more or less would work in the context of the daily life. The tulle, lace and cotton pieces were accompanied with some leather, but mainly contrasted with the black boots. Opposed to the regular collections of the fashion weeks, where looks can feel more unattainable than relatable – Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Spring 2019 did embrace that simple wearability you reach in the high street fashion.

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Thoughts On the Collection

There’s always a level of balance one has to consider when reviewing a collection. If the collection is too wearable, it’s easy to criticize it for lacking imagination whilst a too dreamy collection is often criticized for being too high above. I do think  Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini spring 2019 is on the verge to being too ordinary, going for a rather safe style that’s easy to like. However it’s difficult to criticize it as this is a brand that’s about the daily wearability – and as the clothes are done so well, I think it’s important to praise the simplicity in it. Though I love fashion grand, this type of collection is very much needed in order to appreciate the explosive, dreamy and visionary fashion.

I could see myself wear many of these looks without fussing too much about it. In fact, I’d love to wear a lot of these clothing pieces, especially the white dresses. This gorgeous transparent piece would be lovely to layer with a white silk dress under. This fun one would be so chic for a party, whilst this flowy white dress would be a perfect match for a hot summer day. I also like the use of the snake print in the collection, as it goes along well with the style – yet adds some movement. This look might not be the most wearable one, but the voluminous top is so good with the high-waisted pants. I also like the volume of the top in this look and this look. It’s something about the voluminous cropped style that is a nice and modern interpretation of the 80s fashion, without taking it too far. I think we’re many that also appreciate the white/blue combinations as they feel very summery and fresh. I’m sure this dress will be a commercial success! I also have to give a shout out to the balance of materials, as done in this look and this look. I’ll never grow tired of pairing transparent materials with edgier ones – it’s an explosion of expression.

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One thing with collections that are wearable (and likable) is that they’re also often are forgettable. I don’t think I’ll remember this collection in a few years. A basic white dress is easily (unfortunately), replaced with another white dress after a few seasons. Especially when it has traces of modern elements in it, which makes it more trend sensitive and thereby a subject of being replaced when other trendy elements will emerge (like slimmed arms, defined silhouettes). It becomes even more difficult for a brand like this, when high street shops easily can sell something similar to a much lower price – but that’s another discussion however. Some of the looks in this collection also felt a bit outdated, like the looks with a blazer. Perhaps it came down to the styling, but this look or this one feels anything but relevant to the fashion of today. A same colored vest with boots? Not too sure about it. And speaking about the boots, generally I love them for their attitude but does this style of boots feel a bit outdated too perhaps? Or perhaps too unrefined to work in more situations than the one presented here? Not sure about them regardless, but however a small detail in a collection that’s overall quite pleasant and easy to like. Will we dress like this next year? Probably!

Folks! What are your thoughts on  Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini spring 2019? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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