Perfect Fall Makeup Look For Everyday Life

We love our makeup game on point, but we do love to expand it too. Like, be inspired by the current trends, see what you readers are up to or just hanging on Pinterest for hours. Not to forget, we love to do our makeup seasonal and as fall is here, it’s time it happens! Here are our ideas on perfect fall makeup.

Perfect Fall Makeup Look For Everyday Life | The Fashion Folks


Idea behind a fall makeup look

Let’s be reasonable, how many of us have time to go full makeup everyday? And how many of us would actually want to do so? When doing makeup, it often comes down to the amount of time one has and it’s often not that much on a regular day. So a go to makeup look has to:

  1. Be easy to do
  2. Work for the daily life
  3. Be done within the minutes

So this come downs to being wise in the choices. You probably already have a pretty good makeup routine, and you know what works and what don’t. So what’s the change to do in order to add fall feeling? It’s about changing the colors you use! Here are our ideas:


Incorporate fall colors

We know the regular fall color palette (we’ll write a post about it later) usually includes burgundy, burned orange, midnight blue and dark green (see them below). And this is where the exchange comes in, instead of doing your regular eyeshadow, do the eye look in burgundy instead. Invest in a purple liner, a mascara in burgundy or a bold lipstick! Instead of your smokey eye makeup look in smoking black, do it in midnight blue instead! Pick a color that works for you and do it instead of your regular ones!

Perfect Fall Makeup Colors

Go for jewel tones

We’re fully aware of the fact that luxurious tones as jewels, are not for the everyday life. But what is a post of The Fashion Folks if not one that at least some boundaries are pushed? Jewel tones are same as the regular fall colors, the only difference is that they are shiny and a bit metallic. For an everyday look we suggest doing an eye color with some shimmer, same as for blush or highlighter. Concentrating on the small parts that is! Adding some subtle sparkle into your life, as fall skin can look quite dull, is just that way to go about it!


Just a final reminder. As we’re talking about colors that are quite intense, we’re keen on keeping it less is more. That means that one part of color intensity is a good balance. We do love though to match eye shadow with lips, but if you’re unsure, go for one focus area! 

And that’s a wrap on a perfect fall makeup look! What are your essentials in your fall makeup game?

86 thoughts on “Perfect Fall Makeup Look For Everyday Life

  1. thanks for the tips! I am not keen on doing a full makeup everyday too. most of the time i just put sublock on and powder and then i am good to go. but sometimes a little color can add a nice touch on your face. thanks for tips on using jewel tones. now i am off to my makeup stash to find one. 🙂

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  2. OO those jewel tones are beautiful. I wonder how they would look on, especially the mustard yellow or green color. As I’ve mentioned before, It takes me forever to experiment with new makeup looks. I usually find one look that I like and replicate it all the time! #thelazyway

    xoxo Rina

  3. The fall makeup palette is pretty much my year round makeup palette. My guy kind of hates the berry shades, dark plums etc but I can’t help it. It doesn’t matter if it’s November or July I’m probably still reaching for berry hah.


    Violet Roots || Instagram || Twitter

  4. As much as I love full on bold makeup looks and watching tutorials on how to do it, I don’t often enjoy doing it all on myself, haha. I just feel it’s so time consuming and I like to kind of do as less work as possible when it comes to makeup, so I find your tips incredibly helpful! I love the idea of a burgundy mascara, I’ll have to keep an eye out for that! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having the best day so far!



    1. Same here! They’re so fascinating to watch, but when it comes down to it they just don’t work for me! I rather keep my focus on clothes instead and keep the makeup minimal or complementing! Thank you love, glad you find them helpful! Doing less is more when it comes to dark colors is the way to do it! And yes to a burgundy mascara?!? Still dark enough to work for the everyday makeup look, but fun enough to be a change! Thank you for your comments as always Jalisa! Xx

  5. I tried burgundy eyeshadow yesterday for the first time and it instantly gave me all the fall vibes! Great post as always dear!

    PS: would love to see more makeup history posts 🙂


    Tamara –

  6. I agree completely about a go-to makeup look–if it’s complicated or takes too long, I won’t do it. I think I may have to try a dark burgundy or olive for my eyes this fall!

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