Paul & Joe Spring 2022 Collection

Okey folks, but Paul & Joe Spring 2022 was A LOT of fun. It was entertaining from start to finish, with a lot of gems. I kind of want to wear everything, and just vibe around town looking like a modern 70s model; so we definitely need to talk about this collection. If you want more from fashion week, check out this hashtag. And oh, catch the full collection here.

Paul & Joe Spring 2022

So, Paul & Joe Spring 2021 can easily be summed up as the 70s meeting modern cottagecore. There were a lot of typical 70s elements, such as maxi florals, eye-catching collars and long dresses. The collection also included some crop tops, shorter skirts and blouses. As for the colors, they varied, but pastels, brown and green dominated. Except for the collars being a favorable detail, the oversized hats with cute ribbons were a statement. And let’s not forget the platform heels in combination with the knee-high socks. Such a 70s mood. 

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As I’ve already stated, I absolutely adore this collection! It was very captivating and presented the 70s in the most charming and kind of modern way. Although the looks had colors and details in common, the presence of the 70s is what tied the collection together and made it cohesive. As for the wearability of the collection, some looks were probably too “fashionable” for the everyday person; but with the rise of cottagecore, the collection felt relatable. I’m crushing big time on the maxi floral dresses, such as this one and this one

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I also adore how the oversized hats are framing the outfits, and putting the clothes in a more interesting context. This look is a superb example of this, as well as this one. I mean, where can I sign the petition to get people to wear hats like that daily? There are two looks in specific that are really fashionable when it comes to socks x the rest of the outfit. I just love the matching yellow style here and here. The attempts of including some metallic elements was done quite well, but I think this skirt could’ve been styled better, and same goes for this dress. I’m also not sure of the amount of crop tops in the collection. Fair enough, it weren’t too many, but how many people are really wearing crop tops in their business/daily life? Maybe it’s just me, but I’d enjoyed more puff blouses instead; such as this one. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on Paul & Joe Spring 2022? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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5 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Spring 2022 Collection

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you’re having a lovely week and happy Friday!

    I am in love with this collection and I have to admit I didn’t know a lot about the brand before your blog post, so thanks for introducing me to Paul Joe!

    I love the way the designer put out the colors, interesting combinations and as you said there’s a 70’s vibe around the collection. As you well said maybe some looks are a bit “fashionable” for the everyday life but I think they could be adapted to the street context. I also liked the shapes, the patterns and of course the volumes, playing with the typical flower prints but in another dimension!

    Happy Friday!

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