Paris Fashion Week September/October 2021

Don’t you think Paris fashion week this time was exceptionally entertaining? I’m not necessarily saying it was fashion magic in the sense that everything was stylish and beautiful, but it was creative and engaging. I found that several designers presented new themes in their collections and played around with timelessness and contemporary items. So here are four highlights from PFW September/October 2021. Find more from the fashion weeks here.

PFW September/October 2021


This Valentino collection was anything but cohesive, but it was interesting to look at, and it had a lot of individual gems. I appreciated the more sporty elements in combination with floral elements, which had a 2007/2008/2009 vibe to it; a period in fashion I thought we’d wait longer to see again. I think the use of colors was interesting too, with the specific shade of purple being not being too common for fashion. One of my favorite looks is undoubtedly this sequin dress with the beige pattern. Have a look at Valentino SS22 here. 

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Is it weird that one brand, Hermès, are really good at brown leather? I hear how specific this sounds, but honestly, they know how to work brown leather in such a timeless way; especially when done in combination with beige/white. So many gems in this collection. I love this jacket. The leather details are so fashionable. This brown leather set is also stylish, as well as this monochromatic look. And of course, I need this jacket too. Fair enough that the collection could’ve needed something to shake it up a bit. Perhaps throw it off with a neon yellow bag? See the collection here. 

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I think this Chloé collection had more potential than what was actually executed. I always adore Chloé for the 70s nostalgia, which feels both contemporary and timeless at the same time. However, for the SS22 season, I think too many details made the clothes less wearable; although they fitted in the narrative. Kind of like the group attractiveness effect. However, one of the best dresses I’ve seen in a long time must be this maxi leather patchwork dress. Just so straight-forward, on point. More of this please. See more of Chloé SS22 here.

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AZ Factory

AZ Factory put on a beautiful show in memory of the late Alber Elbaz, who founded the brand in 2019. The collection was very much Elbaz with that playful Alice in Wonderland being present. I’m crushing hard on this pink creation, so voluminous and demanding in the best way possible. What stole the spotlight though is this dress (?), which must be a top 5 look from the season. Just the balance of the colors, the motif, the mix of material, the length – eveeerything. Love the “tennis fashion” vibe with the sneakers too. Is it just me or do you also see the greatness of this specific look? I love it. Find more from AZ Factory. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on PFW September/October 2021? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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2 thoughts on “Paris Fashion Week September/October 2021

  1. Hello Mia, how you doing? I hope you’re having a good beginning of the season!

    Thanks for the quick summary and for sharing your highlights with us! Paris Fashion Week is a big staple for the season (and for me) since many of my favorites designers are in this edition! For me it is one of the most artistic and dramatics and I would also like to add Loewe and ACNE Studios to the list!

    I think Hermes was one of my favorites from your list, really simple lines and interesting patterns with high quality materials!


    1. Indeed! PFW is THE highlight of the fashion year, which makes a lot of sense; it’s where the magic fucking happens. Haha Pablo I think this might be the first time we truly disagree, I though Loewe was so annoying. The gold shield with the grey dress? Nope no nein. I liked the intention but the execution was not good. Acne Studio was okey, nothing more, nothing less! Hope you’re having a great week! Xx

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