Outfit Inspiration From Pre-Fall 2018

Nothing like a dose of inspiration in the middle of the week, right? I did a post on three stylish looks from resort 2019 here, but thought today would focus on inspiration from pre-fall 2018. Perhaps not something for the daily fashion life, but inevitably outfits that will hopefully inspire and challenge you to take your outfit to the next level. Here’s some outfit inspiration from pre-fall 2018:

Outfit Inspiration Pre-Fall 2018

Vivetta Pre-Fall 2018

Have you seen two print mixes this fun? Think not! Both are styled in the same way with the animal print being first layer done monochromatic and a plaid trench coat being second layer. If you look closely, you can also detect that the color match for both of the outfits are done similar. This is especially clear in the left outfit as the plaid pattern has some pink tones which are enhanced by the pink in the leo pattern. The color in common ties together the combination nicely, which makes the clash less awkward and more stylish. The shoes are also really fun, being a bit informal with the loose bows and kitten heels look! The thing to take away from this outfit? Dare to print mix more!

Pre-Fall 2018 - VivettaCourtsey of Vivetta

Michael Kors Collection Pre-Fall 2018

This look might be quite unwearable as it’s more chic than realistic. What I like about this look though is the eclecticism of paring an elegant sleeveless trench with a tracksuit. Perhaps the combination isn’t the best here, but the overall impression is pretty stylish. The outfit would be completely different if it weren’t for the sleeveless trench which also shows how much a single piece can change the look of an outfit. One way to try this yourself is to throw on a final piece before heading out. If your outfit looks too preppy, throw on a leather jacket. If it looks too casual, throw on a blazer. Tweaking the details is an efficient and effective way of changing an outfit.  

Pre-Fall 2018 - Michael KorsCourtsey of Michael Kors

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2018

This look from Red Valentino pre-fall 2018 is probably the most wearable one out of all of these. There are so many clever styling tricks in this outfit and I’m gonna try and break down them all. First of all, the color scheme is done really well. There are mainly four colors: black, white, grey and red wine that all are pretty classic and all works well separately with each other and in a mix. Secondly, the straight lines in this outfit are kept preppy and tidy which is so stylish. The collar, the cut of the blazer jacket, the geometric scarf, the pockets, the socks, the bag etc. Everything is more or less keeping a straight hemline which enhances a formal appearance. Thirdly, the print mix is also chic. The plaid pattern and the polka dots are clashing, but are doing so in a matchy way as the polka pattern reflects the black/white sweater/collar set. A really clever way of creating a cohesive and clashing appearance in the same look. Definitely something I’m gonna try soon!


Folks! Which one of these looks from pre-fall 2018 is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!  

Pre-Fall 2018 Red ValentinoCourtsey of Red Valentino

14 thoughts on “Outfit Inspiration From Pre-Fall 2018

    1. I loved Vivetta this year too! And glad you’re back baby, glad to have you in the blog space again! Xx

  1. Hey Mia, hope you’re having a good week!
    I see that these pre fall proposals are taking the FW trends to the next level, even accentuating the forms and especially the patterns and textures that are taking over all the stores and social media right now! I feel like I am currently wearing all these trends in my fall-winter wardrobe, but you just gave me a few ideas to take my outfits to the next level 😉
    PS: Valentina is doing such amazing stuff right now, don’t you think? Love that this fashion house is getting an upgrade 😉

    1. That’s great though! It’s always fun to see the pre-fall fashion as the trends can be more concrete and easier to take on rather than viewing the looks on a runway! Xx

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