Outfit Inspiration Fall 2018

Folks! Let’s get this week started by a mini-dose of outfit inspiration fall 2018. I don’t know about you but I feel like I haven’t worn enough fall colors, fabrics, prints and accessories yet. I know I could take it all one step further and in order to do so, I need some extra inspo. Here are three stylish street style outfits and why I like them + how you can recreate them!

Outfit Inspiration Fall 2018

Camel Coat

A camel colored coat is one of the most classic outerwear pieces and rightfully so. It’s easy to match, it keeps you warm with the length and it works well with the other fall shades. I love how the styling in this outfit is kept fairly simple with black and camel as the only two colors. Matching the turtleneck with the coat adds a nice twist to the look. The shorter pants with the open shoes adds a nice contrast to the volume of the coat, the black bag reconnects color-wise. I think this outfit is a good choice for work or if you just need to look a bit more formal. Remember to choose a clothing piece with straight lines as it adds to the preppy feeling. If you want to add a statement, choose a bag in a clashing color or a statement material (like faux fur or patent leather).

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Patent Leather

A more edgy outfit is this one! The mix of sporty influences (jacket, shoes and hoodie) with the edgy ones (patent leather, black, yellow) is really chic in this outfit. Also love the layering with the grey turtleneck, the yellow hoodie and the black jacket – a chic way of working different colors and also create a more dynamic look by several separate layers. The bag, shoes and hoodie adds some needed colors in the outfit, which is done pretty subtle as it’s balanced by all the black. The black leather pants is what gives the outfit that interesting twist, which shows the power of statement materials.  A good outfit to do on more casual days, focusing on layering and stylish materials!

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Snake Boots

I included this outfit recently, but I’d like to discuss it more properly here. What I love about this outfit is that it’s the perfect balance of style and trend. You have the timeless elements of the white shirt, brown leather skirt and boots. You also have the trendy details of midi skirt with boots, snake print shoes and the loose style of the shirt. To everyone who are wondering how you’re gonna work your midi skirt this fall/winter – pairing your skirt with boots is a really chic way of doing it. Especially if the boots are in a fun print and the skirt and the boots have the colors in common. Also love the crispy look of the white shirt, which breaks off the cozy style of the brown skirt/boots. A leather moto jacket or a (faux) fur would be a perfect top layer to this look, accentuating the waist without making the outfit look too heavy! I think a statement sweater could be a fun twist if you want to take it fashionista. And don’t forget the matching bag, stylish way of keeping the outfit cohesive!


Folks! Hope you like this outfit inspiration fall 2018! Let me know your favorite in the comments below! Xx

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28 thoughts on “Outfit Inspiration Fall 2018

  1. Hey Mia, hope everything is going well! Thanks for your comment on my latest blog post 🙂

    I love every single picture, and I’d say even tho these are trends that can be easily spotted in the streets and in the stores, at the end of the day all of them can be considered also as essential pieces that everyone one could add to its closets and play with them getting thousands of combinations! My favorite of course is the camel coat, I have one already but I feel like I can add a new one to my closet, there are many cool options out there and they look good with almost everything 😉

    Best regards from Spain!

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