Oscars Red Carpet 2023

Folks! How about an article on the Oscars red carpet 2023? This year was very classic fashion-wise. Not too many statement or “out of the normal” dresses. I thought we were gonna see more hot pink looks as that shade has been worn by a lot of celebrities the past year. Anyway, here are some favorites of mine! 

Oscars Red Carpet 2023

Angela Bassett

If there’s one person that’s gonna pull off a dress like this, it’s of course Angela Bassett. The Old Hollywood glam is on point but with a fun twist of the enhanced shoulder and the knot of the draping. The mermaid silhouette is very flattering as well as the neckline. Also, let’s not forget the choice of necklace. Absolute perfection! Bassett’s dress was made by Moschino. 

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Allison Williams

Honestly, I’m not too sure about the accompanying jacket to Allison Williams’ dress, but it’s also what caught my attention. It frames her dress beautifully, although I still feel like it could’ve been done more seamlessly. However, I adore the enhancement of the pink hue. Perfect shade for a red carpet event like this. Her dress was signed by Giambattista Valli, of course! 

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Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne’s dress has been done and seen many times before, at least versions of it, but as the supermodel she is; she brings the vibe to the next level. There’s just something so striking with that exact dress color, her matching red lips and shoes. The smokey eyes also add a nice intensity to the look, creating that dramatic gaze a red carpet event like the Oscars needs. And let’s not forget about the bling, her necklace is gorgeous. Elie Saab is behind Delevingne’s dress. 

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Michelle Yeoh

And the best for last! Michelle Yeoh was a dream in this gorgeous all white creation. The feather-y effect gave the dress a sophisticated and elegant look. Loved the layers and trail too, it gave a perfect volume and balance to the silhouette. The styling is also on point with the wavy hair and glam jewellery. The hair accessory is so pretty! Dior was behind Michelle Yeoh’s dress.

Folks! Did you have a favorite for the Oscars Red Carpet 2023? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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