Oscars 2020: Red Carpet + Vanity Fair

Folks! The Oscars took place last night and as much as I love movies (I do!), I’m here for the red carpet fashion (as always). But ehrm, if you do thought that the red carpet fashion was a bit ‘blah’ (I did), you have to look at the red carpet fashion of Vanity Fair – it was more playful, memorable and pushing the fashion limits. So this article and highlight of last night’s fashion of course includes both the Oscars and Vanity Fair’s after party!

Oscars Red Carpet

Florence Pugh

The most memorable and interesting gown of last night was undoubtedly Florence Pugh’s turquoise dress. Both the color, the ruffled design and the shoes were unexpected choices but nevertheless magical. Loved how controlled the look seemed, with everything being perfectly in place. Perhaps I’d chosen another hair style and necklace, but not gonna complain when the rest of the look was so good.

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Brie Larson

A classic, glam, look from yesterday is Brie Larson’s gown. The cape/dress combination is a must if you want to embrace a royal, respectful look. Love the combination with the gold and the stripes of the dress. Great choice of shoes too, although both earrings and hair could’ve been more interesting.

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Natalie Portman

Portman also went for the dress/cape combination. Loved the match of gold and black, majestic and good. Loved the delicate pattern of her dress and the transparent parts. The gold colored belt is really chic and controls the fabric of the dress well. The look is perfect with her bob cut and the gold earrings. 

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Vanity Fair Red Carpet

Kerry Washington

But let’s be honest here and state that the looks of Vanity Fair were the ones to deliver the fashion party. Kerry Washington’s set was so chic with the Egyptian style. Gorgeous to do the hieroglyphs in gold. Love her matching shoes and gold earrings! 

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Lili Reinhart

Talk about bringing the 80s to the red carpet. This fluffy, spacious and semi-transparent dress is just so delicate, sweet and a homage to spring. Love the pastel colored flowers, the statement sleeves and the maxi fabric. It’s fresh, it’s youthful and it’s fun to look at. Love how perfect her lips are matching the faded coral flowers, genius styling! 

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Olivia Wilde

And speaking of sleeves, how good aren’t these voluminous ones? There’s something incredibly stylish with voluminous sleeves and a deep v-cut. It’s a good balance of soft shapes and sharp lines. Love the maxi style of the dress that adds drama to the sleeves. The eye makeup is so chic too as well as the silver jewelries.  Yes to this look! 

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Candice Swanepoel

I’m normally not too fond of combining a short dress with heavy fabric “surrounding” it. But I must say this look Swanepoel is working is trés chic. It looks more like a really glam, fitted, playsuit with a dress twisting around it. Love how the blue fabric frames the playsuit and how it’s defining the waist and adds a sleeve. Gorgeous choice of color, gorgeous styling and well-done by Swanepoel to work all that fabric. And oh my, from behind it looks like a full dress! See the next slide, it’s fashion magic.

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Sarah Paulson

But how chic isn’t Sarah Paulson in this look? Love the collar, the bold buttons, the fringe, the maxi length, the sequins and her hair. So fierce, so sharp and so on point. Just love the simple daily details (collar, buttons) and how they’ve been maximized in a glam way. Gorgeous how the sequins and the fringe are complementing each other. The earrings and the sharp haircut is framing the outfit lovely!

Folks! Do you have any favorites from the red carpet? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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31 thoughts on “Oscars 2020: Red Carpet + Vanity Fair

  1. Oscars is more fun at the beginning (sometimes the event itself can get a little sloooooow), so the looks is always a cool moment to discuss, especially with fashion friends.

    My favorites: Saoirse and Florence Pugh, check more of her looks, she is definitely taking the scene by surprise and suddenly she is everywhere!!!!!

  2. I’m really loving Florence, Brie, Kerry and Lili’s gowns the most, wow! All are so detail oriented. I haven’t watched these awards in years, but always enjoy seeing the looks following, especially from you because you always select the best!


  3. Thanks for sharing this! I have been so caught up with FW I did not have time for the Oscars though I really had no desire to watch them to be honest. But I do like to watch the pre fashion show before the show itself. And love Brie Larson’s look!

    Allie of

  4. You’ve shared some fabulous looks from the night here. Brie Larson’s outfit is undoubtedly my favourite; although similar to you, I would have preferred a different hairstyle. Preferably an oversized blow dry – ooooh, dreamy!!

    aglassofice.com x

  5. I actually had a lot of favorites last night. Loved the classic House of Chanel gown that Penelope Cruz wore. And while I know Sandra Oh’s dress wasn’t for everyone, I absolutely loved it! She gave us all a lesson in how to dress with DRAMA.



    1. I was considering including Sandra Oh’s dress because it was entertaining indeed! Loved the statement of the sleeves! Xx

  6. How sad is it that I just learned that the Oscars were last night? Yikes. I do love Natalie Portman’s look but you’re right, the women had more fun with style at Vanity Fair!

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