Oscars 2019: Red Carpet

Folks! As many of you probably already know, the Oscars happened this weekend. I’ll leave it to others to review the movies and the awards, but how about some red carpet highlights? I overall think it was a pretty good red carpet night with a nice mix of metallics, pink and voluminous dresses. I’ve picked out three favorites below and why I’m crushing on them!

Red Carpet Style Oscars 2019

Emma Stone

I love the metallics for the red carpet, especially when it’s not your regular gold or silver. This dark copper dress by Louis Vuitton is so stylish on so many levels. I love the empowering shoulders and the edge they add to the dress. The romb pattern of the dress is interesting and makes the dress more dynamic and energetic. I also love Stone’s hair color and warm makeup that reconnects with the dress perfectly.

Kiki Layne

Many of the red carpet looks were pink and fluffy in one way or another. My favorite out of the pink looks is this one Kiki Layne wears. The pale pink can easily come off as too preppy and cute but is well-balanced here with some edgy cuts. I love the high neckline and the diagonal cut over the chest. The oversized bow-ish detail is also really flattering in the front and adds a favorable asymmetry to the dress. It’s also something unexpected that elevates the glam feeling. Notice though that I say it’s flattering in the front. It looks a bit weird in the back and I would’ve preferred for the bow to be attached to the dress fully rather than the space that was now. Perfect choice of hair and makeup here too. That braid is way too cute!

Glenn Close

So Glenn Close literally looked golden on the red carpet and I’m totally here for it. This dress looks majestic with its straight core, creating associations with a structured blazer. The idea of making the fabric fall down from the sleeves frames the outfit perfectly as well as dramatizes it. This look would probably have worked quite well in black too, but undoubtedly adds a glam vibe with the golden shade. The clutch works perfectly with the dress and so does the earrings. LOVE this look!

Folks! Which red carpet look from the Oscars 2019 is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Xx

18 thoughts on “Oscars 2019: Red Carpet

  1. I also loved Emma Stone’s look, it was really different but still dramatic. And Kiki Layne is stunning in that pink!

  2. I absolutely love the copper dress on Emma Stone. I think it’s the perfect metallic for her skin tone and really makes her appear more striking. I loved Chrissy Teigan’s look for the Oscar Party styled by Monica Rose. It was absolutely gorgeous and one I’d love to wear myself. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us and I hope you’re having a great week so far, my friend!



    1. Right? I loved that color on her tone. It was such a perfect match. I don’t think I’ve seen her look. Gonna look it up asap! Xx

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