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In a time where life is kind of on pause, how about looking back on old collections? I have way too many looks/collections saved, that I just adore through and through. I’d like to address though that these looks  are not that old, but we all know that in the fashion world it’s the latest collection that counts. But, I’m totally here for bringing these looks back in the game!  

Delpozo FW16

No one wishes for Delpozo to get back on their feet more than I do. I miss their structured voluminous pieces, their color combinations, their 3D details and innovative design. The look below embodies all of this. It’s from the FW16 collection and is such a master demonstration of how fashion can be playful but wearable. I love the bold shade of yellow which is intensified by the dove shade of purple. The purple dress is beautifully layered over the yellow set, with the defined waist shaping the voluminous style. What truly takes this look to the next level though, are the embellished sleeves. The 3D flowers are an unexpected element, but elevates the look completely. I love that the yellow and purple colors are reflected in the flowers, but the pops of red and mint green are fun too. The only thing I dislike about this look are the shoes. They’d been so much better in yellow or purple to reconnect with the rest of the look. I’d also go for high heels to balance the dress!

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Mary Katrantzou SS13

Another label I’m extra weak for is Mary Katrantzou, especially her early collections. If I turn this article into a series you’ll surely see more looks from her. One of my favorite is this sporty, wearable dress. The pattern consist of different stamps, creating a patchwork-effect. The style of the neckline is called Grecian and is not that trendy nowadays, but somewhat frequent for more elegant dresses. I call this look sporty because of the clear lines of the neckline, but also because of the fresh color scale and the functionality. It has pockets (very important!) and the length is just perfect for comfort and fit. I think the hairstyle might not be the most modern one, but the cut is sharp and works well with the sharp lines of the dress. 

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Valentino SS15 Couture

Valentino’s designs are like a good ol’ friend. You’re always happy to see them, you always appreciate their company. One of my favorite Valentino collections is the SS15 Couture and this look in specific. The color is delicate, the fabric is fragile and the whole look is just the embodiment of sophisticated romance. What obviously make this dress extra special are the words. They’re well-placed on the dress and the font is underlining the style of something old and something romanticized. I love the corset top, which balances the flowy fabrics of the skirt. I think the styling is really chic with the braided hair and the neutral, but shimmering, makeup. It’s perhaps not a traditional wedding dress, but if you want something unique (and expensive, lol), this is the sort of dress that would be a great alternative. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on these “old but gold” looks? Let me know in the comments below! Do you have any favorite looks/collections that are several years old? Let’s discuss! Xx

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4 thoughts on “Old But Gold – Highlights From Old Collections

  1. Hey Mia, how you doing? Hope you and your beloved ones are safe and sound!

    This is a nice idea! Making throwbacks is something that I really like, and to see this is inspiring, specially after seeing that many shows, collections and fashion activities that are being cancelled 🙁

    I love all the collections you mentioned, actually I remember every single one of them, but specially DelPozo, back in 2013 I remember the moment after seeing all blogs and Instagram accounts collapsed by images of the newest DelPozo collection. I want to see how they redirect the brand after Josept Font’s creative direction. But the result is definitely dreamy and an inspiration for many brands that are active today 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Right? Delpozo had such a good moment in the mid 2010s’. The designs were innovative, creative and fun. I really hope that the brand will find its way back! Xx

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