NYFW September 2021 – Highlights

Folks! Instead of doing full summaries of each fashion week, I’ll head for some highlights from each week and then I’ll summarize everything in October when it’s wrapped up. I’ve picked out some interesting/fashionable looks from different collections, so make sure to check out the full collections too. And as always, of course I write a bit about why I like these specific looks. Like mini-reviews. Let me know if you like this format, and oh, here’s the review from last week.

NYFW September 2021

Tom Ford

I’m never quite sure what Tom Ford is doing, and honestly, I’m not even sure Tom Ford knows what he’s doing. This collection was a bit all over the place, but I really enjoyed the metallic clothes in the beginning of the collection. Gorgeous to choose more heavy colors and fabrics for a spring collection. Love the balance of the copper top and the pink blazer in the first look too. Stunning! Catch the full collection here

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Victor Glemaud

Glemaud presented a very neat, sporty, minimalist collection with a gorgeous palette. Perhaps the individual looks weren’t too captivating, but a big favorite was this sporty maxi dress. I love the mix of colors, the pattern and the dominating pink. I’d gladly work this look with a black leather jacket and some boots. See the full collection here. 

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Brandon Maxwell

Well, we all know the power of colors, but I’m still fascinated by how much the colors are making this collection next level. Such a major crush on how different shades were used and blended in this collection. A mix of metallic pastels and more mature primary colors. One gem in specific is the look below. It has early 2010s written all over it, with the moto jacket and the matching pleated skirt, but this for me was a superb era of fashion; and one that still works today. I’ll definitely work this duo soon. Find more looks from the collection here. 

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Moschino is always entertaining as you never know what the theme is going to be, but it also manages to be predictable as you KNOW it’s going to be playful, pastels and some 1960s elements. Anyway, this collection was all about children books and I thought it was surprisingly fashionable and even wearable. It had some resemblance to a more mature Prada collection, but also some D&G characteristics such as oversized jewellery, layered up heavily. My favorite? The playful look below! See the full collection here. 

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Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson has refined the art of creating a wearable, more preppy, bohemian fashion. This was not her best collection, but the vibe of the collection was true to her aesthetic. My favorite look was this layered creation, see it below, in the tones of beige and white. Just stunning how the covering top balances the semi-transparent skirt. Adore the platform sandals with the look too. That trend will explode next year. See more of the collection here.

Folks! What are your thoughts on NYFW? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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One thought on “NYFW September 2021 – Highlights

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you’re having a lovely week and happy Friday!

    Thank you so much for this update from NYFW, I am happy to know that this edition has more designers and felt a bit “normal” in comparisson from the editions of last year with the covid.

    As you well said I don’t know if Tom Ford has a specific plan or concept in his mind for this collection and I have noticed that the prices for his clothes are over the moon. His proposal seems a bit odd but at least there are some nice color palettes.

    I’d say Victor Glemaud really caught my eye, that sporty look is nice enough to take it to work with a nice pair of shoes! I loved the way the colors are assembled too! And happy to see more of Ulla Johnson, I have seen Ana de Armas wearing pants from this designer and it has really statement pieces!


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