NYFW September 2018 – Summary

So New York fashion week wrapped up a few days ago and a summary is in its place! I’ve had a hard time grasping what NYFW September 2018 was about. It worked a lot of different styles, as it should, but it was still hard to pin it down to this summarizing post. It was optimistic and playful, yet serious and melancholic. Some of the shows were brilliant and other labels that usually knows how to deliver kind of went “meh”. Well, anyways, I’ve tried to pin it down:

New York Fashion - NYFW September 2018

Photo by Dan Calderwood on Unsplash

Highlights From NYFW September 2018

Marc Jacobs

Though Marc Jacobs remains one of the most relevant fashion designers in our contemporary time, it feels like he left a part of that spotlight when he left Louis Vuitton a few years ago. It’s only the past two seasons, according to my highly subjective opinion, that he’s found his carefree tune again. And this SS19 collection is probably one of his best, if not the best, under his own label. It’s far from wearable, but it’s everything you want a fashion show to be. It’s alive, interesting and full of lively elements like dominant colors, voluminous clothing pieces and random details. It had influences of circus fashion (or so), the 1980s and the 1960s (Kaia Gerber’s look was everything). It was anything but boring. A lot of the pastel colored looks done in voluminous silhouettes felt like wearable cupcakes – in a good way. See the collection here.

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Ralph Lauren

The American designer celebrated 50 years in the fashion business and put on quite a show with over 100 looks. The front row was top A-list with Anna Wintour, Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey (only to mention some). I think we are a majority that can agree that Lauren has done so much for the American fashion industry and created the foundation for the refined sports fashion.  His looks are timeless, preppy, likable and wearable. Managing to do that for 50 years is worthy of an applause alone! See the collection here.

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If Marc Jacobs was fashion circus number one, Rodarte is hitting close second. It kind of felt like Alice in Wonderland gone fashion or something similar. It was bold colors, silhouettes, tulle, ruffles, red lips and a dream land. The looks were a bit all over the place with the deconstructed styling. Some of the dresses can easily be worked on a red carpet whilst others felt a bit too artistic, although appreciated for their character of expression. More than anything though, this collection will indeed be remembered for everything it was (or wasn’t). See the collection here.

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Trends From NYFW

Pink Ladies

I couldn’t agree more with NYFW, what the world need is more pink. Or I’m sure that so is the wish of the designers as pink was everywhere, done in so many different styles. Anna Sui, Rodarte, Ulla Johnson, Jonathan Simkhai, Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs were some that worked the color. It won’t surprise me if more designers will show pink during the rest of the fashion weeks. It’s a bubbly color of optimism, dreams and romance – all things that the world needs more of right now!

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Voluminous Volumes

The 1980s is still around, but mainly in the shape of volume. Next summer is all about embracing the puffy sleeves, layered tulle skirts and a bouncy silhouette. Carolina Herrera, Alexander Wang, Derek Lam, Rodarte, Christian Siriano, Ulla Johnson and Marc Jacobs all worked the volume. I think this silhouette is a fun one to play around with as much of today’s fashion is about “showing” your body and curves. Nothing wrong with that, but by playing with silhouettes that might not be the most flattering ones, there’s a lot of confidence to be found! This is what fashion partly is about, daring to choose what’s ridiculous over the societal construction of constantly looking like your best self. It doesn’t have to be that serious all the time!

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Crazy Colors

If you think you can hide from the colors next spring/summer season you’re wrong, completely wrong. The SS19 season is all about the most awkward colors. Pink, as mentioned above, is a major trend but also the neon colors, yellow, orange and green. Naeem Khan, Michael Kors Collection, Self-Portrait, Brandon Maxwell, Oscar de la Renta and Prabal Gurung were some of the designers that went for the crazy colors. Think the 1980s colors (the primary ones, the activewear and the pastels) and you have a pretty good image of what next season will look like.

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Street Style From NYFW

As always, the street style fashion from NYFW didn’t disappoint at all. It’s always fun to see what people are wearing and I know many of you also think that this is where the majority of inspiration comes from. So here are some of my best picks. A lot of mixed prints, bold colors and fun details:

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Thoughts On NYFW

As stated in the beginning,  I’ve had a difficult time to conclude NYFW. It was partly really entertaining (like Marc Jacobs or Oscar de la Renta) but it was also kind of forgettable (like Alexander Wang and Tory Burch). Of course you can’t deliver every season, but the quality of the collections can be much more coherent. NYFW is not the most refined of the fashion weeks either, it’s a mix of high and low which is also what you get. I love the more playful and artsy side this week showed though, with a lot of colors, childish silhouettes and details. It’s always welcomed when fashion is explored in more artsy ways. If you wonder what collections that are more wearable and easier to be inspired by and recreate, I think Ulla Johnson, Jonathan Simkhai and Carolina Herrera did a wonderful job!


Folks! What are your thoughts on NYFW september 2018? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

28 thoughts on “NYFW September 2018 – Summary

  1. Hey Mia! Hope you’re having an awesome week! I was eager to check your content from FW and as usual you do the best summaries! Sometimes I find it difficult to keep updated with all the news from FW but I always appeal to The Fashion Folks to get the best synthesized version of fashion month 🙂

    Being honest NYFW is not my favorite, I always go to Paris for the drama, I feel like NY is more commercial but obviously is full of great moments that deserve to be discussed! My favorite from the list you shared are Rodarte, can’t believe how they made this to look like a Barroco paint, is full of magic and fantastic details *____*

    Looking forward to see the London edition with Burberry :p still processing it haha

    Best regards from Barcelona!

    1. You’re too kind Pablo but I’m so happy that you like my post on the fashion weeks!! <3 Paris is my favorite too, but I do appreciate NYFW for the random designers. If anything it makes you appreciate the labels that appears more thought-through! Rodarte was really fun to watch! And yes haha London will be up on Friday! Xx

  2. I completely agree with you…it really was an odd Fashion Week. It was a very fun Fashion Week but I can see why it would be challenging to wrap it up neatly in a post. My favorite part of NYFW this year was definitely the street style.

  3. Wow, MJ’s collection looks VERY different than the past few seasons, which was much more dark and moody. I prefer the lighter and more sophisticated designs in this collection, though as you said, not too wearable, but the concept of frills, volume and soft colors can very much be worn. That said, I love the trends you’ve observed, which feature some of that. I’ve gotten into statement sleeves and voluminous pieces, as they really can do so much for an outfit without much effort…my kind of outfit formula! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a very Happy Monday so far!



    1. I know??? Haha I was chocked to when I saw it first. Like, really? Hahah but I’m happy with the new playful attitude! Xx

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