NYFW February 2020 – Summary

Folks! It’s Valentine’s day today and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day than with some fashion magic. NYFW February 2020 wrapped up yesterday and in true The Fashion Folks spirit, it’s time for a summary of the fashion week! Some highlights, some trends and some thoughts on the fashionable days in NYC! 

Highlights from NYFW February 2020

Oscar de la Renta

ODR is always delivering entertaining collections and FW20/21 was no exception. Lots of glam, dramatic, floral and embellished looks. The clothes were done within a wearable and likable context, with uncomplicated and intentional looks. I’m a big fan of the color combinations in the first looks, they’re intense and quite unexpected. They’re not really following the theme of the rest of the collection, but are still chic on their own. The best looks of the collection are probably the ones with the voluminous floral skirts/dresses, such as this one or this one. I’m also a fan of this glam blue dress and this stylish gold one! See the full collection here. 

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Gabriela Hearst

Hearst might have created one of the most wearable collections for FW20, with lots of simple, yet stylish, dailywear. The collection has a lot of influences from a more bohemian 70s style, but done in a modern way. Knitwear, leather, velvet and silk dominates the collection and is pretty much all I ask for in a fall collection. Loved the yellow and copper tones, beautiful top to toe. Some favorites from the collection is this wearable knitwear and leather look, this leather dress and this layered yellow look. Loved the 70s vibe in this pantsuit look too. See the full collection here. 

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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs FW20 was entertaining. I have a soft spot for the 1960s fashion, with its pastels, mini lengths and preppy style. Jacobs delivered on all those aspects and presented a very chic, 60s and preppy collection. Perhaps it wasn’t that cohesive, but still full of interesting looks. I’m a big fan of the pastels in this collection.  I mean, this baby yellow look is divine. It has movie star written all over it (hello Barbra Streisand in the 60s!). The more polished, British, 1960s looks are really good too. Love this one with the high socks and also this coat which is so simple yet so chic. Loved the metallic looks too, this dress is as good as it getsSee the full collection here.

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Trends from NYFW

Bright Colors

One of the biggest trends from NYFW is the bright colors. I talked a bit about this in my review of the Carolina Herrera collection, but several designers embraced bright colors. Marc Jacobs went for pastels in his collection, Oscar de la Renta did some color-blocking and Eckhaus Latta worked a lot of yellow and orange looks. Brandon Maxwell embraced a lot of green looks. I’d say that yellow and green are two of the biggest colors, being done both in brighter and darker shades! As mentioned earlier, the yellow looks of Gabriela Hearst are so pretty and good. 

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Retro Mode

Folks, according to NYFW the 1980s and 1990s fashion is done. Next decades to be inspired by are mainly the 1960s, 70s and even the 40s. Marc Jacobs went for a 1960s fashion as well as Michael Kors. Row, Libertine and Anna Sui embraced a flowy, glam and disco 1970s’ fashion. Zimmermann went for a more bohemian 1970s, with paisley patterns, vests and knitwear. There were some subtle 1940s vibes from Prabal Gurung and Rodarte. With the 1970s and 1940s, many vivid floral patterns were done, often in combination with blouses and midi dresses. Gloves were another common accessory and ruffles a popular detail. 

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Metallic Shades

But perhaps one of the biggest trends I’m most excited about are the metallic shades. In specific, gold has been done extensively. Christian Cowan, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler, Libertine, Zimmermann and Marc Jacobs are all example of designers who embraced shades of gold. Eckhaus Latta, Prabal Gurung and Rodarte went for more regular colors but in metallic shades, such as purple, orange and mint green. Regardless of what metallics you own, you’re gonna be trendy this fall! But I must say I’m especially fond of gold as it’s such a beautiful color, that’s a perfect match with fall colors of orange, brown and mustard yellow! 

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Thoughts on NYFW

So what to say about NYFW? Well, I liked its energy and wearability. It was fun to see the comeback of the 1960s, see more of the 1970s explored and some influences of the 1940s. I mean, it’s been a fun and unexpected period with the 1980s, but I’m more than ready to see something new, which NYFW presented. I’m fond of the wearability and likability in the collections. It was done in a way that wasn’t boring, but quite achievable. The focus was on layering your clothes and mismatch prints, textures and styles. Although you might not own any distinct 1960s clothing pieces, the message was that you can create your own with a blazer, a mini dress and a collar! It was more about the vibe than the specific pieces. I loved the prints of Anna Sui and Libertine, it was energetic, innovative and bold. I mean just look at this one, gorgeous with the blue hue and for sure a memorable look. Anna Sui went for a gothic 1970s style which was interesting and surprisingly good. Carolina Herrera was a nice surprise too so don’t forget to check the review here. I hope London will keep the fashion level high, because if NYFW was this good – we’re here for a fun fashion month! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on NYFW February 2020? Let’s chat in the comments below! And hey, happy Valentine’s day, happy weekend! Xx

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