No Makeup Makeup

No makeup makeup? Yes folks, no makeup makeup is not only fun to say (kind of), it’s also quite the deal! The trick with the look is that you wear makeup that enhance your natural features, without it looking like you’re wearing any makeup! Yes, we know it might sound a bit off – like why would anyone waste makeup to achieve a look that doesn’t look like makeup? But folks, trust us on this one!


Sometimes it’s kind of refreshing to not wear too heavy makeup and only focus on improving what you already got by a few tricks. Just because you want concealer to cover some dark spots doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to opt for a full look, right? And also, this one is really handy when you don’t have a lot of time but are in need of some makeup. So that’s why we’re big fans of a no makeup makeup look! But as always,  there are a few things to think about in achieving the look:

Fresh Face

Many people agrees on that the essentials for a fresh face is clear skin and dashing eyes. Some folks also add nice eyebrows, smooth lips and rosy cheeks as significa nt factors. The important thing here is that you know what it is that gets your face that extra touch and still remaining true to your natural features. By knowing this you don’t necessarily have to do a full makeup, as you’ll just focus on the most essential.

no makeup makeupNeutral 

As you want it to look as natural as possible, the key is to stick to your skin tone. This goes for the base such as concealer, foundation or whatever your go-to’s are! Also important to remember that for the eyeshadow, if you can’t be without it, be sure that you take one in the same color as your skin!


If you’re short on time, this is definitely the part you would want to focus on. Some people believe that the eyes are the way into the soul, we don’t know about that, but if there’s somewhere people look it’s normally in your eyes! So dashing and alive looking eyes is a must.

Psst, folks look out for No Makeup Makeup part 2 where we’ll give you all the tricks and hacks!

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