New Year’s Resolution

So it shouldn’t be called New Year’s resolution, more like New Year’s goals. And it shouldn’t be about starting over, just because it’s a New Year, a new day does it perfectly fine. But folks, it is what it is and let’s get to  point here. New Year’s resolution from a fashion point of view? Yes it is real, and for the year ahead we have some suggestions for you. Below are some tips and thoughts on how to develop your style and fashion life.

  • Don’t let societal pressure decide what you should wear. Pick what you want and work it.
  • Go out of your comfort zone, we’ve talked about it before, but fashion 15640091722_df902d67d8_bshould be about expanding the lines of what you think and go for what you want. Just do it.
  • Take care of your clothes, it might sound boring, but wash after advice and fold when you shold and hang when you can. This will extend the life cycle of your beloved pieces.
  • Don’t buy new clothes just because you don’t know what to wear anymore. Learn how to match the most random pieces instead. Buy new clothes as an investment, not as an excuse.
  • Not sure about the clothing piece it? Don’t ignore it. Try these steps instead!
  • Put some effort into your outfits, a fashionable you makes a fashionable life! Simple as that.
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