Nail Trends Fall 2016

Feels like we’ve done nothing else but to talk about current trends and upcoming trends these past weeks. But we got one area left to cover and that is our nails! Even though nail trends are rather limited and often quite exclusive, it’s always fun to be inspired! Folks, these are the nail trends fall 2016:

Dark mood

So we’re all aware of the 90’s trend being big this year, and of course it has found its way to nails as well. Black, dark green, dark burgundy and dark blue are all hits this fall. Colors that are both edgy, dramatic and a bit grunge. They are thankfully chic in shorter nail lengths too, aka we can pull them off as well!

Random geometric

This was one of the bigger nail trends for summer 2016 too and continues to dominate this fall. Random placement of stripes, circles, squares or triangles is the way to go. Why not do a statement french manicure and pick the tip in a bold color or change it to a vertical line? For a quick tips on how to to dotted nails, use a q-tip and make small dots with it!

Glitter & Metallic

The metallics are always getting big when colder temperatures arrives, and this fall is no exception. Do your nails in a metallic color or why not add the sparkle of life by doing glitter? If you’re opting for a pure metallic shade, silver is the hottest spot to work. Add the light-catching colors this fall folks!

Split in two

Another nail trend that is big this year is splitting the nail in two colors. Doesn’t necessarily have to be in the middle, but two hints of colors is the way to go! Do a two colored french manicure or apply nail polish with a sponge to get a ombre look. Choose colors within the same range or contrast with counterparts! We’d say burgundy and pink is a fun color combo to do!

Folks, these are some of the nail trends fall 2016! Yay or Nay, hit us in the comments!

58 thoughts on “Nail Trends Fall 2016

  1. Yay for these trends! I already started wearing dark nail polishes since the weather doesn’t feel like summer at all 🙂 I need to practice a little bit to be able to get good at nail art like geometric ones 🙂 x

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. You seriously are a girl after my own heart. How do you know exactly what I need to read about?? I seriously struggle with choosing my nail style/ color every time I get it done so this guide is perfect for me! Would love to try me some metallic nails, now only to find a studio that has metallic polish!

    xoxo Rina

  3. I agree! I haven’t seen a nail trends for Fall so far! I have to say I’m really diggin all these trends. I’m not really good at nail art, so I guess I’ll stick to the dramatic and grunge-y colors and of course the metallics! 🙂

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