My Personal Styling Tips 2021

Folks! Okey, kind of everything I write on this website are my personal tips and ideas, or at least style rules that I stand by too. But I thought I’d in today’s article write more specifically about my personal styling tips 2021. Five styling tips that I use daily/weekly/monthly! You’re probably gonna recognize all of them if you’re an avid reader of The Fashion Folks, but hey, I talk about them for a reason! 

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Styling Tips 2021

Navy Blue & Leopard

First out is the combination of navy blue and leopard. I can’t get enough of this duo. It’s like every time I wear navy blue I want to add some leopard, or every time I wear something leopard I want to add something navy blue. I think this duo is superb if you like the leopard pattern, but you don’t feel like pairing it with more black and beige. There’s something with the maturity of the navy blue and the edge of the leopard pattern that just creates a chic and fierce combination. I do prefer to go for a navy blue clothing piece and perhaps some leopard shoes or a bag! A next level twist on this duo is to go for navy stripes with leopard accessories. 

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Romantic Dresses & Statement Sunglasses

I love romantic dresses. Like, LOVE. I wear them weekly (almost daily) and in all kinds of colors, shapes and patterns. I do love them with chunky sneakers or OTK boots, but lately I’ve been working them with some statement sunglasses. As sunglasses are always geometric in one way or another, they balance the flowy silhouette of the romantic dress. Perfect way to add some symmetry to the outfit, but without interfering with the style of the dress. Also, I love to wear my statement sunglasses and my romantic dresses with a headband or a low hair bun, just to get the hair out of the way and really highlight the style of the sunglasses and the dress. 

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Statement Face Mask

A really simple and important way to make your outfit more popping is to go for a statement face mask! It’s such an easy way to add some action to your outfit, but also stay safe. I have one in leopard that I use all the time, and as a result; my outfits become more statement as I wear a patterned face mask. As I also wear a lot of patterns, I get the benefit of print mixing too! It’s also really chic to just go for a neutral clothing piece and a patterned face mask. But! Make sure that your face masks are safe and follow the guidelines of your country! 

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Silk Skirts & Fitted Top

I’m not gonna lie, it took me a while to accept the silk skirt as a trend. I thought it was way too 90s/early 00s, but I’ve been convinced: they’re incredibly chic! I have one in black that I kind of want to wear every single day. I love to work it with fitted tops, blouses, chunky sweaters and causal t-shirts. It’s just such a wearable item, it’s neutral, but glam. My favorite combination, is to wear it with a fitted top for that glam vibe, especially if the top is patterned! Love to work this combo with some sneakers or some sandals. 

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Monochromatic Outfits

Lastly! I always rely on monochromatic outfits. They’re just incredibly easy to style, and they’re also really wearable. It doesn’t matter if you go for a red shade, a purple or a brown; it’ll be a chic combination. As your outfit will be fairly neutral, it’s easy to go for statement accessories such as a colorful bag, statement shoes or some fun shades. What’s great about the monochromatic outfits is that you also can work with whatever you got at home. I work a lot of brown/beige outfits with an animal pattern as the highlight. Olive green outfits and pink outfits are also my go-to! And of course, can’t deny the reliability of an all black outfit. It’s timeless, it’s classic. 

Folks! What’s your personal styling tips 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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3 thoughts on “My Personal Styling Tips 2021

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you’re having a nice week so far 🙂

    Once again one great blog post to talk about real people and real clothes. Sometimes some blogs or magazine do this kind of posts but they recommend things that are not that feasible or you need to spend more money on more clothes and end up saturated.

    I love that your tips are very down to earth and everybody can replicate them with the things that you already have at home (or you can get the pieces but are pieces that can be used in many situations).

    I am betting on the monochromatic proposal, totally my thing but I also loved the fact that you included the face mask as an accessory! 😉

    All the best and have lovely day!

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