Must Have Brushes

When it comes to doing your makeup, the right brushes can be crucial. Every painter and artist will second that. But which should you choose and how many do you need?

Well, first of all we have to say that you can’t have too many brushes! BUT there are a few you simply must have to start with. And then (of course!) expand your brush collection from! (And folks, keep in mind that brushes are a personal preference and these are ours.)

And before we get going,  let’s remember not to leave the fingerpainting to the kids. Fingers are the perfect tool when doing foundation and concealer so no brush needed. And some of our chosen brushes might be obvious and some might not. (For example, a big blush brush for a thin, spread layer of color might not be a standard but makes the difference however.) Nuff’ said, here are our essential must have brushes!

Must Have Brushes

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