Milan Fashion Week September 2017

The third out of four weeks wrapped up earlier this week which means another summary post! I’m going to be boring here and honestly say that Milan fashion week didn’t live up to my (high) expectations. I might have expected more out of the week, given the medium level at NYFW and LFW, but still. Where are my fashion moments of “I die” á la Rachel Zoe? I’ll talk later on why I didn’t love MFW as much as I usually do, but first some highlights and trends! Here is a summary of Milan Fashion Week September 2017:

Highlights From MFW

Sportmax – The review from MFW was all about Max Mara’s label Sportmax. I loved the collection with its simple, functional and wearable look. It was well done from choice of colors, prints, elements, clothes and details. If you love functional fashion going a bit more refined and elegant, this collection and its review is for you to check out!

Versace –  If you’ve been anywhere near social media the past week, you’ve surely seen pictures from the Versace Spring 2018 show. It celebrated the memory of Gianni Versace (who died 20 years ago), the founder of Versace and brother of Donatella (current designer). One part of the celebration was the honorary walk with some of the 90s supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen and Carla Bruni. Except the walk down the runway, a lot of the runway looks were recreation of the earlier work of Gianni Versace. The 80s/90s vibe is a fact and truthfully so with the prints, silhouette and colors. The collection is actually pretty good, though it’s more centered to an idea than wearability. Check it out here though, it’s worthy of a look or two!

Aquilano.Rimondi – A mini shoutout to the first jacket in this collection that is everything I want for next year. A crispy white jacket done in a functional, fashionable look with the cropped style and the fun material. Agree or not? Check it out here.

Emilio Pucci – If you’ve ever wondered what Emilio Pucci was all about in the 70s (he was the jetset king kind of), you have to see this collection. It’s full of 70s references as well as prints, colors and accessories. The looks are done with some modern references, but the core is very much the 1970s jetset fashion in a nutshell (or on an airplane). See the collection here.

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Trends From MFW

Milan fashion week is continuing the list of trends we’ve already spotted at NYFW and LFW. A lot of bright shades, monochromatic looks, 1980s power, statement shoulders and flowy fabrics. MFW might have added a more elegant interpretation with the Italian elegance leaving its marks. The main trends spotted, and some discussed more in details below, are: white, ruffles, monochrome, jetset fashion, 1980s boss, maxi lengths, blazers and a lot of white and black combinations for prints and styling.

Crispy White

I listed the crispy white as one of the trends from LFW but I can’t help but to write it down for MFW too. The monochromatic white looks are everywhere. White also seems to be a go-to “color” when choosing a second color element in an outfit, often contrasting the main color which makes the white pop further. Fausto Puglisi, Etro, Jil Sander and Aquilano.Rimondi were some to work a lot of white. To be noted is that white also were done a lot in a black & white combo. Fausto Puglisi is one example of this, but also Blumarine!

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Details of Ruffles

The ruffles might not have the same it-factor they’ve had the past seasons, but are still hanging on strongly. If ruffles used to be the cherry on top previous seasons, the ruffles are more the ice cream layered at the bottom. That terrible metaphor meaning that they’re there, but barely notable if you don’t pay attention. The ruffles are mainly placed by the necklines, hemlines or sleeves. Stella Jean, Emilio Pucci, Giamba and Blumarine were some to work the popular element. It’s safe to say that all of our ruffle tops, dresses, sweaters, jackets, scarves and even pants are a fashionable choice next season too! Or for the sake of it; just wear it!

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Light Blue Baby Blue

I don’t know if this is baby blue becoming cool again or just some designers wishing for it, but the lighter blue shades are definitely here to represent! Missoni, Victoria Victoria Beckham, Emilio Pucci and Versace were some designers to work the lighter shades of blue. A bit 1960s to it with its bright pastels, but also office style when done as shirts. This specific look from Victoria Victoria Beckham is everything you need to see from this trend to be convinced! Okey? Bye!

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Modern Jet Setter

Okey it’s not fair of me to call this trend the one of the modern jet setter, as the jet setters of today are the influencers flying around the globe to different hotels and events documenting their lives on social media. The jet setters of the 1970s kind of just traveled and looked fierce. However, that’s a sidetrack, the important thing here is that the fashion of the 1970s (and a touch of the 80s) is what is being revived, mainly when speaking about the jet setters’ fashion. We have the lively prints, the oversized sunnies, the scarves, the loose clothes but also the overall attitude of having one’s life together. You know? Missoni went for this style, so did definitely Emilio Pucci and Versace did an 80s touch of this but by going a bit more Yuppie. Victoria Victoria Beckham (quite the name for a second  label), also went a bit effortlessly stylish with the continental touch. I can’t explain this trend better but to say that you need oversized sunnies, prints top to toe and a scarf!

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Street Style From MFW

If the fashion from the designers keeps on being inconsistent, you can always turn the to the street style fashion. The looks trending are the red boots, blazers and power suits too. Some 90s fashion with a hoodie and distressed denim have also been done a lot! Here are a few favorites that are actually pretty simple and wearable:

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Thoughts on MFW

The main problem with my passive dislike of the fashion weeks are not the fashion weeks themselves (or perhaps NYFW and LFW, they’re always going urban chic in every other collection), but more of the trending fashion. As already stated, the 1980s are trending next season too which means even more looks of statement shoulders, glossy fabrics, loose silhouettes and “more is more”. Along the trends, there is this design core of always doing basic colors, athleticism and add an urban touch with a blazer or some structure. We’ve seen this for quite some time now. The influencers do it, same goes for the designers and all the other brands. It’s what the fashion world looks like, a style comes and stays for a few seasons. But with the 1980s being so defined, specific and most recently revived; it gets so much attention. Like SO much attention. This isn’t facilitated by the 90s trending either, giving another go at the late 80s/early 90s fashion accompanied by the beauty of the decades.

I’m tired of this, I’ve seen this, I sound grumpy with this. There are of course exceptions that are still sticking to their main core of design, like Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. But how boring isn’t it to have collections of “same same” and a few exceptions? Even Armani went for a full80s/90s  look this year, detouring from the brand’s classic Italian fashion of elegance and minimalism. I don’t want brands to stay the same either, of course not, but create something new instead of joining the mutual subconscious of following the trends. But, Paris is the fashion captial so we might as well rely on the french fashion to bring the gems!


Folks! What are your thoughts on Milan Fashion Week September 2017? Did you enjoy the collections or did you feel that they looked like everything else? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

30 thoughts on “Milan Fashion Week September 2017

  1. I totally know what you feel about being over some of the really trending things shown at fashion week. Sometimes I feel like i Have way too many trendy things in my wardrobe and they won’t be lasting more than a year when I rather have my clothing be sustainable and longlasting. I hope to have more emphasis on this as 2018 proceeds. I would love to attend Milan Fashion Week one day though, the designers are amazing.

    Rina Samantha

    1. Hahah well that’s true too though. Sometimes we definitely end up with way too many trendy pieces. So would I! Xx

  2. I always love reading your takes on the various Fashion Weeks. They are honest and refreshing! I will admit that I died a little at the Versace show with the Supermodel reunion.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

    1. Thank you Blaire, that makes me so happy to hear! Versace definitely delivered the best moment yet! Xx

  3. Ha! I swear we’ve had completely opposite views of fashion month this season. I mean nothing negative by that; I genuinely think it’s funny. I’m a little biased here. Milan is always my favorite fashion week. To me, it’s full of escapism and glamour, and I kind of cling to that.

    Versace was obviously a highlight. I mean, it was pretty much flawless. The dedication, the pieces, the spectacle of it all. Loved it. Aquilano.Rimondi was great as well, very chic. I’m loving the baby blue trend. I’m all for that. My favorite was Dolce & Gabbana, of which I am also a massive biased fan girl. I literally spent hours oohing and ahhing over D&G. No joke.

    I agree though. All of the labels pushing out too similar trends (ie 1980’s) is incredibly boring. And this was the longest comment ever, so I’m stopping now lol.

    1. Hahah we can’t always connect though, can we? D&G really delivered as always, love the aesthetic they keep on going with! Xx

  4. Ah, Emilio Pucci wins ALL of my votes. I watched countless Insta Stories that night from the presentation on various bloggers’ feeds and fell in love with ev-er-y-thing! Such a cool, stylish vibe. Fabulous roundup of MFW!

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