Michael Kors Spring 2022 Collection

Folks! It’s difficult to keep up with the fashion weeks, as the fashion weeks barely keep up with themselves. Ever since the start of the pandemic, many designers and brands have chosen to display their collections outside the set schedules. This means that the fashion weeks are not really what they used to. I’ll see how I’ll present the collections in the best way possible to you, but I’m sure I’ll be able to do at least one review per week, and we’ll see for the summaries. First out is no one less than Michael Kors Spring 2022! 

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Michael Kors Spring 2022

The SS22 collection of Michael Kors was a mix of timeless wardrobe staples and some subtle 1950s and 60s influences. A lot of black, white and beige outfits dominated the collections, with few looks of pink and blue. The waist was often defined with a large belt and sometimes with cutout details. The floral lace clothes added some elegance to the collection, and the pink some playfulness. Many of the looks were about wearable dresses, but a few looks were more statement, such as this cropped set and this beige creation

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Kors is always reliable when it comes to creating wearable collections, as they often consist of neutral colors, and clothes; styled in a wearable way. Somehow, he still manages to make his collections elegant and it’s always fun to see what Kors has in store. However, timeless clothing pieces often happens at the cost of creativity and playfulness, it seems that designers have yet to find a way to compose the elements of timelessness and creativity. Kors SS22 is no exception as it’s a wearable, pleasant, collection, but it’s not more than that. It’ll surely be forgotten when next collection comes around, and it won’t make any headlines – which perhaps is the idea too. Michael Kors has never been a designer to push and explore the boundaries of creativity, he’s always designed collections for the everyday woman, to wear everyday clothes. The question is, and it’s harsh, do we really need more collections like this? More clothes like this? Should something always be said, even if there’s nothing new to say? I don’t know. The fashion industry needs to go green, and that’s asap. I’m not sure what the full solution is, but it’s definitely not forgettable collections season after season.

With this said, there are some gems in the collection, of course. I’m fond of this all white look, absolutely gorgeous with the lace fabric done as a shirt. I also like the retro vibe of this gingham set, feels like a summer in the Hamptons. I think this leather duo is also chic, I could see it with a white shirt under the black bandeau. This LBD is also a good one, definitely wearable and easy to dress up for a night out. Another gem is this beige dress, such a gorgeous and warm shade of beige, with the matching belt and everything. Love the simplicity! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on Michael Kors Spring 2022? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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