Met Gala 2022

Folks! I don’t know what else I can add, to all the reviews of the Met Gala, more than: this wasn’t it? I don’t know where it went wrong as the theme Gilded Age is an absolutely gorgeous and interesting fashion period, and there’s so much potential to interpret the era in an artsy, modern and entertaining way. Honestly, the Twitter reactions were more interesting than the Met Gala itself. A lot of users have indeed pointed out the lack of respect for the theme, that things look cheap and basic, and plain out boring. Well, as I prefer to focus on the positive aspects, I’ve picked out a few looks I think either nailed the theme or nailed the level of artsy fashion that’s expected at the Met. 

Met Gala 2022

Taylor Hill

So the cape of Taylor Hill’s Miss Sohee look is everything. It’s dramatic, it’s luxe, and it’s a reflection of fashion history. The off-shoulder style with the heavy fabric creates a favorable contrast, balancing between refinement and statement. Love the flowers that frames her shoulders so beautifully. Her makeup, hair and accessories were also on point. And also the boots! The boots folks! How cool weren’t they? 

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Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens was one of few celebrities who actually celebrated the theme in an obvious and non-complicated way with her Moschino dress. I mean if you have to explain the connection of your dress and the theme, was it really a hit? With something as visual as fashion, the connection should be visual and visible no? Anyway, the dramatic black with the sheer fabric created a gorgeous resemblance to a Gilded Age-look. The trail was so dramatic and chic at the same time. Hair and makeup was also on point. Stunning! 

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Madelaine Petsch

Another person who worked Moschino was Madelaine Petsch. Her gorgeous yellow dress was a perfect combination of historical fashion and contemporary fashion. Definitely obsessed with the combination of the round statement sleeves and the elegant gloves. The off-shoulder style gives the outfit the necessary edge. Also, she looks absolutely stunning in yellow! 

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Normally, I feel like we’ve seen enough stomachs and belly buttons on red carpets or frankly anywhere. But how cool wasn’t Normani’s dress? Signed by Christian Siriano it challenged old fashion norms and made them entertaining through bold cuts and unexpected volume. It was a celebration of the theme, but also a moment to demonstrate how red carpet fashion for Met Gala should push boundaries and redefine what beauty can be. Absolutely adore how the hat complements the rest of the outfit so well. 

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Louisa Jacobson

And leave it to Schiaparelli to bring out such an entertaining, bouncy and chic dress! Jacobson pulled it off wonderfully with a fun hairdo, gorgeous makeup and matching shoes. I just love how the dress is so simple yet so captivating at the same time. The way the tulle sculptures an entertaining silhouette and the way the gold leaves is done in 3D is just perfection. Love how the neckline, the waistline and the hemline all reflects each other and pulls together a cohesiveness in the look. Just fun perfection for the Met Gala! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on the Met Gala 2022? A yay or a nay? Let’s discuss in the comments below! Xx

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    1. Same here! Absolutely gorgeous with all the volume in the dress. Such a fun hairdo too! Xx

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