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Folks! The fashion event of the year, the annual Met Gala,  took place on Monday night in New York and if you have social media, read the newspaper or just have internet connection – you surely can’t have missed it. With the extravagant creations, celebrity buzz and celebration of fashion, it’s one of the most exciting and interesting nights of the year from a fashion perspective. Here’s some of my favorite red carpet looks and overall thoughts:

Met Gala 2018 Vogue

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Met Gala 2018

Every year the Met Gala has a specific theme which also serves as the dress code. The theme of the year was Heavenly bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Earlier years it’s been everything from future technology to specific designers and countries (here you can find my articles on the Met Gala 2016 and 2017). This year the turn came to the Catholic church and its relation with fashion. As expected, a lot of the creations were about elements, details and colors that are typical symbols of the Catholic church. A lot of gold, velvet, dark red, veils, headpieces, icons and crosses. It was the pope, angels, religious paintings and a lot of Medieval creations too.  If you know your Dolce & Gabbana, you’ll recognize a lot from the red carpet. As with all fashion of couture, it’s difficult to judge as it’s more of art rather than wearability, but I’m gonna focus on the looks that I think were done in a perfected, interesting or unique way. Overall though, I’m happy to see that so many guests dared to go for the extra detail and embrace the theme. If there’s one night when it’s allowed to look a bit crazy, it’s for sure the Met Gala. Here are some looks I liked and why I liked them:

Red Carpet Looks

Anya Taylor-Joy

Talk about looking like a goddess in gold! This look from Dolce & Gabbana looks like what the designer duo always have aimed to create: heavily embellished pieces in gold! I think the headpiece, earrings and necklaces helps the maximalism look and is favorably balanced with the simple makeup look. Perhaps I would have skipped the white flowers, but I suppose they work. The real gem in this outfit are the pointy shoulders that just feels royal!

Jourdan Dunn

I swear that as soon as you throw on a maxi cape there’s something majestic about an outfit. The idea is undoubtedly confirmed in this creation by Diane Von Furstenberg. Dunn looks incredible in the monochromatic white outfit! The neckline and the slits are opening up the outfit and give a nice balance to the heavy fabric. I really like the high collar too as it underlines the authority.

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Queen Of Sheba @dvf #metgala

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Talk about going back to the Medieval style of Catholicism. Zendaya looks like one fashionable knight in this Atelier Versace creation. I like the different layers of the outfit and how it drapes the body. The shoulders, the highlighted waist and the skirt piece are all shaping the body, which is necessary with the heavy materials. I’m not that fond of the hair color, but I do like the sharp cut. It works well with the rest of the outfit!

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Yara Shahidi

Perhaps this creation from Chanel Couture isn’t the most obvious one connected to the theme, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good – cause it’s genius.  The way that two different dresses are matched together is what makes this look interesting. You have the center part of the dress, that’s defined, embellished and slightly reminiscent of a Medieval body armor. The side parts of the dress are also structured but in a voluminous way which creates a pleasant symmetry of the look. Shahidi’s headpiece is also really cute and the simple shoes: J’adore!

Stella Maxwell

Maxwell went for this dress from Moschino, embracing all things gold and icons. As the print of the dress is quite messy with the patchwork of the different icons, the minimalistic style of the neckline and the trail of the dress is really good. It puts the icons on display which are what makes the look. The way the circle shaped halos transitions to one another is also very skillfully done.  I enjoy Maxwell’s beach waves too as it adds a youthful, energized feeling to the look.

Priyanka Chopra

So we all know that Chopra looks like a goddess the majority of the time, but she just elevates even higher in this look from Ralph Lauren. There are several details in this look that makes it perfected, one of them being the balance of the colors. The rich velvet red and the bright light gold completes each other perfectly. Another nicely done thing is the trail of her dress that frames the look. The way her hair is styled with her dark red lips and the headpiece also feels very much on theme, creating that angelic vibe.

Evan Rachel Wood

Feathers are always a hit on the red carpet in my opinion (let’s hope these are fake though!!). This monochromatic, golden feather look from Altuzarra contains all the creativity and magic you expect from the Met Gala. The cape style of the feather look adds the royal feeling as well as the dramatic maxi style. I wouldn’t have gone for the black pants or bag though, I think just a fierce pair of black OTK boots would’ve been a favorable match as it would give some definition to the heavy feathers? But anyways, gorgeous!

Anne Hathaway

I don’t feel like enough credit was given to this look from Valentino. Sure it’s fairly simple compared to other looks of the night, but the voluminous style of the dress that’s contrasted by the metallic halo is just a divine match! I like the puffy arms with the accentuated waist and the heavy skirt too. It’s dramatic without being too noisy. However, this dress would probably be just another dress if it weren’t for the angelic halo! Hathaway’s makeup is gorgeous as well with the dove colors and pops of gold.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

From one magic headpiece to another, this minimalistic, modern and edgy (?) headpiece of Huntington Whiteley is just magical. It complements the more traditional, sophisticated and luxurious elegance of the maxi dress signed by Ralph Lauren. The V-shaped neckline is nicely balanced with the A-shaped cape. There’s just something simple with this look that’s really appealing. Probably a lot due to the halo, simple hair bun and makeup look. I think this creation is also a great example for how you can stay on theme, but without going to crazy if you’re not too fond of artsy fashion.

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@ralphlauren #metgala2018

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Kerry Washington

Perhaps there’s a more obvious 70s vibe to this Ralph Lauren look of Kerry Washington, but isn’t it just perfected to the core? The long sleeves, the high neckline, the maxi style and the all gold are factors that are creating a minimalistic “wow”-effect. The heavy gold is a bit reminiscent of the Medieval fashion but done in quite the modern and wearable way. Washington’s hair is just on point and perfectly in tune with the golden headpiece. It’s simple but golden (pun intended).

Darren Criss

I’d love to include more style of the guys, but they have quite the way to go if they want to match the fashion game of the girls. One outfit that really caught my attention though was the one of Darren Criss, signed by Dolce & Gabbana. With the statement blazer, with motifs of icons he really kept the theme on point. The matching pants, bow tie and shoes also made the score high. The fact that the blazer’s print is made of sequins and pearls just makes the look even more magical! Hands down to the best dressed guy of the night!


Folks! What are your thoughts on Met Gala 2018? Which looks were your favorites and why? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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So grateful to @dolcegabbana for including me at their table at the #MetGala. This Alta Sartoria jacket is a hand stitched, sequined replica of a mosaic inside the Duomo di Monreale in Palermo- a cathedral whose design influences were a combination of Norman-French, Byzantine and Arab styles; in other words, a combination of diverse, equally rich traditions that created something new and more majestic than the sum of their parts. Needless to say, it was an honor to represent that kind of cultural fusion on the red carpet. My one regret was not sneaking a photo of how incredible everyone looked at our table, if I may say so myself! I guess that image will just have to live on in my memory bank… along with many other great moments from a very special night. Thank you, D&G!

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23 thoughts on “Met Gala 2018 – Red Carpet Looks

    1. All three of them were so good! Loved Lively too! Same to you gorgeous! Xx

  1. I found this theme to be quite interesting and I’m sure it was a bit controversial, but isn’t that what fashion is partly about? Lol! Right off the bat, I knew D&G would be highlighted, as it’s pulled so much inspiration from The Catholic Church for years. The looks you’ve shared here are so beautiful. I love Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s headpiece; I think she nailed the inspo the most without being over the top.



    1. Oh yes, surely it’s controversial and I’m not sure about the way the religion is partly commercialized. I mean, would this work with another religion? Not too sure about it! But, definitely interesting though and from a fashion perspective, the outcome is pretty cool! Xx

  2. I loved Stella Maxwell and Zendaya’s. I still enjoyed Anne Hathaways dress and appreciated its simplicity. I feel like MET is so dramatic that there always needs to be some kind of wow factor that’s different from the rest. My favourite might have to be Zendaya or Blake Lively’s look which was majestic from head to toe. That entire gown, headpiece, hair and make up just looked perfect to me.


    1. I know! That’s when you appreciate the more simple and refined looks. And Lively really worked her dress/creation, it was just magic! Xx

  3. Was expecting a post from you about all the madness in MET GALA! What a night and there many things to comment that it is impossible to sum up everything, from the exhibition to the looks and all the expectation in the media! I would say the theme of this year was quite complicated to approach and it was a little bit difficult to not pick the obvious dress, but there are many guests that really managed to impress me like like Zendaya, Rosie rosie Huntington or Amber Heard with her DIY she bought on Etsy, have you seen it?! Here’s the link, is from a Spanish magazine but quite interesting to see how she used something crafty

    1. Hahah well of course!! I didn’t know that about Heard’s headpiece but such a cool story. Hahah understood at least a bit with my old spanish from school, lol! Good practice 😉

    1. I know she was so gorgeous, but feels like everyone brought her up haha! Xx

    2. I know she was so gorgeous, but feels like everyone brought her up haha!! Xx

  4. Rosie’s look is hands down my favorite! Second runner up has to be Kerry. There’s something about gold I can’t resist. Am I the only one who thought the headpieces were a little overdone? I’m into Rosie’s simple and striking look, but I was over the head hardware after one peek on Instagram. Could I just be getting old?! 😉


    1. Hahah no I liked the headpieces, or at least the more minimalistic ones as Rosie’s or Hathaway’s! Xx

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