Met Gala 2016

So yesterday was the date for the fashion and social event of the year in NYC, The Met Gala 2016. Kind of the place to be for  the fashion magic and definitely the room where it happens! If you want to know more about the history behind the ball, checkout our post on the Met Gala here!

Recap of trends

The theme for Met Gala 2016 was Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age of Technology. One of the trends spotted on the red carpet was metallics, people from Gigi Hadid to Jourdan Dunn and Poppy Delevingne worked the shiny armour. Another trendy statement was the floral pattern. From subtle flower power to statement pieces, florals for spring was a fact. Another haute couture piece, with resemblance to a skeletonish, was Kate Hudson’s masterpiece to dress (design by Versace). Regarding the beauty department, the smokey eye was a go-to and flawless Beyoncé went all in. Hair-wise, singer Ciara went greyish as well as Jourdan Dunn, a genius move indeed! 

But enough of us talking, below are three fashion moments from yesterday! And pssst, don’t miss Claire Danes Zac Posen dress in the dark, it’s lit! (And could we please be invited next year?)

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103 thoughts on “Met Gala 2016

  1. I just LOVED this year’s MET Gala!!! Almost everyone was stunning and the gowns were amazing! Joan Smalls, Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell and Hailey Baldwin were some of my favourites!!! And metallic dresses were a huge trend too
    Have a great day,

    1. It’s such a good event and also marks the start of the year’s costume exhibition at The Metropolitan museum. So everyone better look their best as it really is the fashion highlight of the year! Xx

  2. Claire’s gown is so dreamy. It glows in the dark! Ugh, it’s so pretty. I’m probably gonna get it for my wedding in the future (going to start saving up), although I’m not engaged nor have a boyfriend. But I really love her gown, and Beyonce slayed as well, as always.
    Love, Fads

  3. One of my favorite Met Gala looks was actually Blake Lively! Did you see the Manus X Machina “video booths” posted on Vogue’s Instagram? I couldn’t stop watching them this morning. So much fashion lust.


  4. The Zac Posen dress is really nice – I’m not so won over by the others. It seems like fashion keeps getting weirder and weirder (have you seen the fur nails!? so weird!) The last dress looks wayyy too much like a peacock!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. The fur nails are insane and not in a good way! But Met Gala kind of is the fashion event for Haute Couture so the creations tend to be more artsy rather than functional, but I love it! Xx

  5. It was such a cool theme, wasn’t it?! I follow Zac Posen on Instagram, so when he shared the dress he designed for Clair Danes, I was like, wow! Especially when he showed how it lit up, so it looked like a galaxy of stars! Joan Smalls looked beautiful as always in that gown, the entire look was perfection. I wasn’t fond of Beyoncé’s dress at all. I didn’t get the inspiration, it looked like stretched skin and quite similar to the one she wore last year in its vibe. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing, I always really enjoy your posts! I hope you have an amazing day ahead, girlie!



    1. Loved the theme, though pretty disappointed that so many didn’t follow it. I mean hellooooo. If there’s one time in your life when you can excuse yourself for wearing the weirdest but most fashionable pieces is definitely the Met Ball! You could have so much fun with the theme, so yes Claire Danes gown was pure magic! And love that the whole internet went nuts, definitely worthy of it!

      Beyoncés dress did remind of her earlier look, but I still loved the latex fabric. So insanely awkward but fun, though the color could have been different and I would have loved to see her work the theme! And definite agreement on Joan Smalls, she’s just so stunning! Xx

      Have a lovely week love,

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