Merry Christmas From The Fashion Folks

Folks, I hope your Christmas week has been passing by smoothly and that you’ve been enjoying the spirit of the holidays! Check this tag if you need some last minute inspiration.  In true Christmas spirit I thought I’d do another “behind the scenes” post, this time with five random questions about Christmas! You’ll probably be bored out of your mind, but I’ll keep it short!

Favorite Christmas Treat?

Gosh I don’t even think I can pick one (way to start a question post). But as you know, I love chocolate and I eat it pretty much every day, with that said, I eat almost anything with chocolate. Other than that, I love toffee with almonds in it! Too yummy though.

What did you wish for this year?

Ehrm, for the world to have another shot at 2016? Hahah no, but seriously, I didn’t wish for anything specific. I just want a good face moisturizer tbh (going for flawless skin in 2017 , you know). The worst part about me and gifts is that I love to get things I didn’t know I wanted, which is practically impossible to wish for. So I’ve dropped this whole “expectation” thing on gifts, it’s not the most important part of Christmas, truly!

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Just keep sleighing ? ?

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Favorite Christmas Song 2016?

For me, each year often gets it own song that I get attached to more specifically. This year I’ve been listening a lot, like aaaa loooot (don’t question me on this one), to Céline Dion’s version of Happy Xmas (War Is Over). Last year I listened way too much to Baby It’s Cold Outside, previous years it’s been everything from Feliz Navidad to White Christmas. I’m a proud Christmas geek!

What will you be wearing?

As someone who writes about fashion almost daily, and have been giving tons of tips on this subject in specific, I’m actually not sure. I think I’ll head for something tuexedo-ish with touches of red. I’ve been working the red bow way too many times the past years, but when can one ever wear an oversized red bow in a shiny fabric and get away with it? (Like, never!)

Best thing about Christmas?

The best thing about Christmas is that there are so many “best things” about Christmas. The food and Christmas treats to begin with. Christmas decors and all the lights/candles. Being around near and dear. People are more kind and happier. Giving and receiving. Fashion and beauty.  More food and treats. – Hahah you get me, it’s just a wonderful time of the year with a nice and sparkly vibe to it. Even though New Year’s is about celebrating the old year (or the new year too though), I think Christmas puts a lovely end to the year.

Story time: the whiteboard I’m holding (yup that’s me in the photo, believe it or not. Not even sorry for the bad quality, I’m totally a blogger pro using the selfie cam on my phone in bad lighting…lol) is usually filled with to-dos and post-it notes,  but not today and not this weekend. I’m off until Tuesday and until then I’m gonna eat and rest and eat and rest. So as for now: Merry Christmas folks! If you’re not celebrating, just have the best of weekends!  Xx, Mia

Merry Christmas

47 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From The Fashion Folks

  1. Happy Holidays babe! Love that bold red lip. Such fun facts and I love that sleigh quote. I am currently watching the Preacher’s Wife. For some reason watching Xmas themed tv/movies really gets me happy. There’s always a message about the magic of the spirit of the season. I wish that magic was sprinkled throughout the year.

    xx Yasmin

  2. Oh and can I wish for world peace? No seriously can I wish for this? With a nuclear annihilation of WWIII looming it just may be a good thing to wish for.

  3. First off, you’re GORGEOUS!!!!!! Seriously, girl, flawless skin for the new year?! You already have such flawless skin and your hair, major yasss! Haha! You know I love these posts especially because I like to get to know you more and this was such a fun spin on the get to know me, holiday edition. I’m a sugar cookie fiend this time of year. Who am I kidding, I’m just a cookie fiend in general this time of year, haha. But chocolate? It’s an all around obsession for me, we have to have in the house year long 🙂 One of my favorite classic Christmas songs is Brenda Lee’s Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. I don’t know, something about the sound of it, it kind of takes me back in time in some weird way; I LOVE oldies! Anyway, I hope you have the BEST holiday weekend, beauty, enjoy every minute of relaxing and eating good food!



    1. Hahah gosh woman, I blush!! Thank you so much haha. Chocolate is definitely an all around obsession for me too and if the selfie cam wasn’t so damn bad, you would definitely have gotten to see the effect too much chocolate has on my skin haha. I love that song too, haha it has a nice and chill sounds to it. hope you had a lovely Christmas doll! Xx

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