Max Mara Fall 2021 – Review

Folks! It’s time for another collection and another review from the fashion weeks. Today it’s all about Max Mara and the label’s Fall 2021 collection. Find Adam Lippes’ collection here and A.W.A.K.E. Mode’s fw21 here. And oh, of course you can find the full Max Mara collection here.

Courtsey of Max Mara | Fall 2021

Max Mara Fall 2021

Max Mara is a classic Italian label, that celebrates its 70th birthday this year. The brand is famous for their classic design, with neutral colors and wardrobe staples being a major part of the aesthetic. Max Mara Fall 2021 embodied this idea as well, with a focus on beige, brown and green done as coats, pants, skirts and sweaters. Although Max Mara is an Italian brand, parts of the collection felt more like a 1940s British fashion with the darker colors, the check patterns and the steady shoes. And not only the 1940s, but an aristocratic fashion we’ve seen a lot of in The Crown. Such as this quilted coat or this green one. Perhaps Max Mara x Burberry is a realistic description, which might be ironic as the two have a similar, competing, aesthetic. 

Courtsey of Max Mara | Fall 2021

Thoughts on the Collection

Although the collection has a strong presence of a past fashion life, it feels quite contemporary thanks to the neutral colors and some influences of more modern styling. I like that the collection is overall fairly cohesive, with a strong foundation of neutral colors, timeless clothing pieces and check patterned pieces. I wouldn’t say though that it’s that memorable as we’ve seen many of the looks before, but what made me choose it for this review is the reminder of how refreshing a simple, wearable, fashion can be. For instance, we’ve seen countless of versions of this beige coat look before. But still, how good isn’t it with the maxi lengths? The layered jacket and the dramatic scarf and glasses combo? Same goes for this all black look. Is a black midi look with black boots and a black leather jacket anything new? Nope, but still – how fierce isn’t this? So uncomplicated and superb. 

Courtsey of Max Mara | Fall 2021

And perhaps this is extra true for this look. I’ve talked about the combination of a maxi/midi length and a longer sweater so many times in the last year. It’s such a simple way of dressing in a timeless way, and still embrace some of the most popular trends (the midi length, the oversized sweater etc). I absolutely adore how effortlessly chic that look is. Same is ofc true for this monochromatic black outfit. This yellow look is also a terrific one, and it might actually be the most interesting one, with regard to how fashionable and refreshing the yellow color is. I’m also a fan of the more “British looking looks”. This one is cool defined with the oversized matching set. I also love this one, really chic with a graphic tee and a checked patterned skirt. Not to forget, how stylish isn’t it to go for a neutral dress and a matching, patterned, cardigan? I’m stealing that one right away! 

Courtsey of Max Mara | Fall 2021

As for the looks that weren’t as successful, I’m not sure if it’s that easy to point out, it’s more a question of styling rather than the clothing pieces themselves. And the collection is cohesive enough not to have any “weak” cards, as it relies on a pretty solid design vision. But what I can say is that this collection would’ve been far more memorable if it would play more with the boundaries of the design. What would happen if more of the accessories were in contrasting colors? A bubblegum pink would’ve been great with all the beige/brown, and anything dove blue would’ve been a bold, trendy, move. Some elements, like this one, are making the look more interesting as it becomes more vivid with the opposing design elements, but other looks are more forgettable as they’re too matchy. But yeah, I know. It’s always a fine balance between creating a cohesive collection, where all the elements are in line, and a collection that’s inspiring, innovative and still wearable. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on Max Mara Fall 2021? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

Courtsey of Max Mara | Fall 2021
Courtsey of Max Mara | Fall 2021

12 thoughts on “Max Mara Fall 2021 – Review

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you’re having a nice week 🙂

    I like Max Mara and how they always manage to stay true to the main concept of the brand, however sometimes I feel they could experiment with more colours. I know they are famous for this color palette, but I was glad to see some green tones in combination with neutrals, this is why I mean 🙂

    Despite that I love the shapes, the patterns and the fabrics picked for this collection.


    1. Yeah, it seems like all the comments agrees with you too haha. And I also agree, it would’ve been great with some more colors and more playfulness. But yeah, it was nonetheless a great collection! Xx

    1. Hahah well it is a fall collection after all, but lol, who says you can’t wear colors in the fall?! Xx

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