The Only Mascara Hacks You’ll Ever Need

If you haven’t caught the buzz of long lashes and mascara yet, how are you even real about your beauty life? We’re the dorkiest of them all when it comes to lashes and ways to do mascara. And being someone who has quite long lashes, I do claim to know my mascara game quite alright (being all sassy here, I know!). So here are some of the best mascara hacks: 

How To Get Volume

To get voluminous lashes, preheat your eyelash curler, let it cool a bit and then bend your eyelashes. The heat works the same way as you curl your hair with an iron. 

How To Get Thick Lashes

To get thick lashes, apply a few layers of mascara. Apply powder with another brush and then apply some final coats of mascara. The powder makes the lashes look thicker!

How To Get Fuller Looking Lashes

Without adding the falsies, you can create the illusion of more lashes by using the eyeliner. Do the eyeliner on the inside of the upper lid, then apply your mascara and voíla your lashes will look fuller!

How To Apply Mascara properly

The proper way of doing it is to put the brush by the roots of your lashes. Then slowly drag the brush outwards, while doing this, carefully pull the brush from right to left. Imagine creating a zig-zag pattern on your lashes. Repeat 4-5 times depending on how you want them!

And a bonus tip

As big nerds of a nice eyeliner on the upper lid,  we gurantee that a good liner  will also help your lashes look fuller. If you don’t want to go for a full eyeliner wing, make small dots/strokes on your lash line with an eyeliner pencil. This will make the lashes look fuller and thicker! 

Folks! These were our mascara hacks, what are yours? Tell us in the comments!

The Only Mascara Hacks You Need | The Fashion Folks

52 thoughts on “The Only Mascara Hacks You’ll Ever Need

  1. Who knew you could heat up your eyelash curler. Makes sense though, if heat works for the hair on our heads, then it should work for lashes. Great hacks girl.

    Fashionably Idu

  2. I am afraid to heat the eyelash curler, it feels like when I do that, my lashes will be burnt! I know it is not gonna happen, however, that fear stops me from doing that 🙂 Layering mascara to get volume is what I do all the time, with a few layers, I get really big lashes 🙂 x

    Ela BellaWorld

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