Marni Resort 2019

How about ending the first full week of the year with an article of inspiration? Marni served some brilliant and daring looks for the brand’s resort collection 2019. The Italian label embraced a colorful, voluminous, detailed and rich fashion demonstrated through very skillful styling. Perhaps the collection itself is a bit unwearable and difficult to recreate, but nevertheless interesting to get inspired from. Here’s some highlights from Marni Resort 2019

Marni Resort 2019

Sporty Lady

First out is this stylish look, the first one in the collection. There’s an odd combination of sporty elements and more ladylike ones in this outfit. The bright grey color, the top, the leather jacket, the functional skirt and the socks all feels a bit sporty and retro. The use of color (brown, pink, yellow and grey), the combo of skirt and shoes, as well as the golden earrings, feels more like a classic old lady fashion. These two styles infused, completely contrasting, actually creates quite the interesting clash. I love the retro style, the details of the socks, the collar and the pop of the top. I like that it looks comfortable too and how the slightly oversized jacket is paired with the spacious skirt. A nice example of how to go for volume without overdoing it!

Marni Highlights Resort 2019

Print Mix

I talked about mixing more prints last week, in fact, I talked about how to mix three prints in one outfit. This outfit is a terrific example of how to do it successfully, let alone that the prints on their own are really stylish. The main print in this outfit is the jacket and the skirt that are done in the same print. From this, the two other prints (the one of the shirt and the socks) are matched. The blue and white in the jacket are the same blue and white that is used in the print for the shirt. This way of reusing colors creates a nice transition. As for the socks (and shoes), they are reusing the blue and the copper shade in the jacket. This means that all parts of the outfit have something blue in it which helps making the outfit look more cohesive! The use of white for the shirt adds some crisp and the copper for the socks/shoes keeps the retro feeling.

Marni Highlights Resort 2019

Mustard Yellow

One example of how well colors are used in this collection is this outfit! See how the mustard yellow is more or less present in all parts of the look? From top to toe? In the same way that the blue in the outfit above keeps the outfit cohesive, the mustard yellow does the same thing in this one. I also love the voluminous top that feels very Marni and the perfect match with the yellow bag. The socks and shoes are also done in the same, calm, retro vibe. What gives the look an interesting dimension is the skirt that’s completely different in intensity, print and look. To say it roughly, the outfit feels more 70s whilst the skirt feels more 80s/90s in style. This styling hack, of letting one piece in your outfit break free, is a great way of adding another dimension to it! Also – easy to try yourself!

Folks! What are your thoughts on Marni Resort 2019? Let’s chat a bit in the comments below! Xx

Marni Highlights Resort 2019

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