Three Makeup Looks From The Fashion Weeks

So we’ve mostly been focusing on the clothes and fashion of the fashion weeks. Everything from collection reviews to street style and more fashion in our weekly summaries! BUT, guess what, we have a thing for beauty as well and we’re excited to talk about some of the beauty looks so far. Both more wearable and others more dreamy. Here are three makeup looks from the fashion weeks: 

Elisabetta Franchi

This look was displayed at Elisabetta Franchi Spring 2017 in Milan this past week. Even though it’s a look for next spring, we just can’t help but adore the warmer fall tones in this look. Though the red lips are bright enough for spring, they appear warmer with the matching of the golden eyeshadow. The 1980s vibe is kind of visible by the overlining of the lips as well as the use of eyeshadow up to the eyebrows. The color combo might not be the first one that crosses one’s mind, but we love it nevertheless (even though it takes some getting used to).


Cimone showed this artsy makeup look in London. We love the artistic vibe to it, as if one accidentally would have gotten paint in the face. And as we talked about the sporty makeup of Milan fashion week yesterday at Max Mara, we can’t help but sensing the sporty vibe here too. It’s just something unfinished with the strokes of paint! As we said yesterday, it’s kind of charming even if we wouldn’t wear it for the everyday life.

Malan Breton

So this is what we’d imagine looking like if we could dream about a makeup look for a walk in the garden on a chilly afternoon in October. Right?! The sweet blush in combo with the enhanced lips is definitely bringing the thoughts to beauty by nature. This, of course, is also stated by the bushy brows as well as the light enhancement of the eyelashes. We’re fully aware that this is a look for Spring 2017. Honestly speaking though, it could have been a makeup look of fall 1922(ish). We love the timeless touch though!

If you want more makeup looks from the fashion weeks, we suggest that you check out the babe of Style Tomes, Nataliya Ogle. She’s covered and pinned down several beauty looks from NYFW! She’s a natural talent! Xx

76 thoughts on “Three Makeup Looks From The Fashion Weeks

  1. First of all, I love Nataliya, she makes fashion fun, normal and easy to understand for someone who is as clueless as I am. And secondly, I love the look for Malan Breton and Elisabetha Francci. I think I can recreate both look for everyday looks.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Ooh all of these are really fun but I LOVE that last one. The lips are so pretty and I love the soft color on the eyes too. Pretty!!

  3. I love what you said for the Malon Breton look; “So this is what we’d imagine looking like if we could dream about a makeup look for a walk in the garden on a chilly afternoon in October.” YES, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. I’ll be day dreaming about it all day now!

    Obviously that look is my favorite, but I love how fun the Cimone look is. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  4. Such a great makeup trend report! I love the first look the most, as I feel it’s one that I can easily replicate and like you’ve said, the golden eyeshadow makes it a perfect option to wear now as well as during the spring! From a creative standpoint, I love eh artistic look from the Cimone show; I could definitely environs makeup enthusiasts pulling inspo from this with different colors! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous girlie, and I hope you’re having the best week so far!



  5. Oh, the Malan Breton look – this is my jam. I adore how natural it looks, but in the same time there is something seductive in it. I can get the 1922 vibes for sure. Love it!

    Deni | Beauty & Plus Size Fashion

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