London Fashion Week September 2021

So LFW has a tendency to be a bit anonymous, and LFW September 2021 definitely contributed to this idea. But! As always, there were some gems and collections that deserves to be highlighted. Find more from the fashion weeks here, and read last week’s summary on NYFW here.

London Fashion Week

Temeperley London

First out we have Temperley London. Can you also feel that the 70s are making a full comeback? We’ve slowly eased into more 70s influences this fall, but next season it’ll be full on crazy. Temperley London, although full of 70s traits, felt contemporary, innovative and playful. Gorgeous use of prints and colors, volume and details. It definitely felt like a fashionable postcard! I wouldn’t say no to the dress below or these gladiator sandals. See the full collection here.

Courtsey of Temperly London

Victoria Beckham

Is it bad that I feel like there’s more potential to VB than what have been shown so far? I wished she dared to play around more with captivating colors and details than to solemnly rely on minimalism and function. I mean, look at this skirt and top combination. That’s fun, that’s interesting to look at. Why don’t we get more looks like that, than another set of pants and shirt? Nevertheless, it was a sophisticated and easy-going collection. Definitely wearable and….safe. Find more here. 

Courtsey of Victoria Bekcham

Emilia Wickstead

Emilia Wickstead is superb at creating poised, vintage, wearable collections. Maybe sometimes on the edge of predictable, but always with an appreciation of nice cuts, silhouettes and prints. I love the specific shade of green that was used, and the pink too for that matter. How gorgeous isn’t this green below? Absolutely stunning. Find the full collection here. 

Courtsey of Emilia Wickstead | Edd Horder

Huishan Zhang

There were plenty of goooorgeous looks in Huishan Zhang’s spring 2022 collection. Just stunning the way he mixed colors, played with silhouettes and layers. I’m crushing big time on this dress, but I love the playful retro vibes in this look. It feels like Holly Golightly is on the Riviera. See more of the collection here. 

Folks! What were your thoughts on LFW September 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

Courtsey of Huishan Zhang | Photo by: Giovanni Pucci

4 thoughts on “London Fashion Week September 2021

  1. Hey again Mia!

    Thanks for this quick report about London Fashion Week! To be honest I was a bit disconnected from the presentations of FW but thanks to the Fashion Folks I can get a better idea and stay tuned!

    I always like London, specially for the fact that this city created many of the most vibrants movements and trends of the whole life! But sometimes I feel that people forget a bit about LFW.

    My favorites in this ranking: Emilia Wickstead and Victoria Beckham (I really like her simplicity and the way she uses fabrics). I wish I could see the 70s back, in the end London has a lot to do with 70s fashion right *_*!


    1. Hahah well same here! I’m supposed to write these articles, but I still can’t grasp everything. I just saw that AMQ was presented in London after PFW just wrapped up, so yes, it’s all over the place. Hahah and yes, London in the 70s (and 60s!) must’ve been something else! Xx

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