LFW February 2020

London fashion week was entertaining in many ways, although not as thrilling as NYFW and probably not as good as MFW and PFW hopefully will be. With that said though, there were some collections that kept a high standard and took the British fashion to the next level, one of them were undoubtedly Roksanda, which I reviewed here. Here’s a summary of LFW February 2020:

Highlights From  LFW February 2020 

Emilia Wickstead

My favorite collection from LFW is Emilia Wickstead. The British brand delivered such a great collection, with a perfect mix of classic designs, innovative clothes and engaging details. This 1950s inspired golden dress is pretty much perfection in a dress. The color, the silhouette, the off-shoulder style – I love it! The pink coat in this look is another gem. Love the dramatic sleeves and the floral patterns in this look and this look. The attitude in this outfit is also great, bring on the leather for fall folks! Overall, the modern retro vibe in this collection is great. The colors, the patterns, the sophisticated silhouettes. See the full collection here. 

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JW Anderson

JW Anderson stepped it up this year and more preppy, business and glam than usual. I must say it was to his favor because this collection was quite the entertaining one. The oversized coats with the heavy A-silhouette might be the best part of the collection. I just love the wide collars in leather, they’re so chic. The fringe dresses are quite entertaining and artsy, no idea when it’s gonna be worn, but A for effort! I also liked this transparent dress and these glam metallic ones. Talk about bringing the party. The 1940s’ coats are perhaps the most wearable ones though, this one in black is preppy and good! See the full collection here.

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Richard Quinn

One brand that delivers year after year is Richard Quinn. There’s something with his collections that’s always unexpected and challenges the normative boundaries of fashion. Although the first looks of the collections are very Balmain anno 2012, the maximized style keeps it interesting. I’m a big fan of the oversized, dramatic, floral patterns that Richard Quinn always does so well. This yellow/black look is floral attitude done at its best. The evening gowns of the collection are so pretty. I adore this green one, this floral mermaid style and this balloon style of the dress. So chic with the contrast of the bare shoulders and the heavy fabric. See the full collection here.

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Trends From LFW February 2020

Geometrical Patterns 

One of the biggest trends from LFW are the geometrical patterns. Mainly square patterns such as plaid, chess pattern and romb pattern. The two latter were mainly done in classic white/black combination, creating a bit of a costume-vibe. The classic plaid pattern, more specifically glen check, was also quite common and mainly done in shades of brown and beige. Quite British, quite classic! Christopher Kane, Erdem, Victoria Beckham, Richard Malone and Burberry were some of the brands showing the trend.

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Perhaps the most interesting trend from LFW though is fringe. The element was shown in many different collections and in many different styles. Fringe was mainly done as a detail in outfits, but JW Anderson, as talked about above, presented several looks in fringe top to toe. Although an interesting detail, it might not be the most timeless one but is undoubtedly following the style of the glam 1970s/1920s fashion that is reappearing in fashion. Richard Quinn, Burberry, Marques’ Almeida and JW Anderson all worked the style. 

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Vintage Flowers

Another trend, that’s more like a must at every LFW is vintage floral patterns. I sometimes like to refer to this style of floral pattern as curtain flowers, as they sometimes look like they could be featured in any British interior magazine from the 60s/70s. The floral patterns are characterized by their intense design, often in bright colors such as purple, pink and yellow. They’re anything but subtle, but quite versatile when it comes to styling as there are a lot of different ways you can play with a floral pattern. Emilia Wickstead, Simone Rocha, Richard Quinn, Marques’ Almeida and Erdem all worked the look!

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Thoughts on LFW

So LFW had some really strong collections that were memorable in one way or another. The rest of the week? Well, not too much. It was the same different versions of pantsuits, midi dresses, neutral colors and influences of a deconstructed fashion. I like LFW when the brands are exploring their British heritage as there are so many timeless and playful looks to explore and improve. We of course have a core in Burberry with the plaid pattern, the fitted suits and the “school uniform”- style. But I’d love to see that infused with the vintage flowers, challenging silhouettes and annoying color combinations. I’d also love to see more of Twiggy, Carnaby Street and even Victorian fashion in updated styles. I mean, of course the brands are not tied to a specific design, but why produce the same kind of collections year after year when there’s so much fun to retrieve from the British fashion history? 

Folks! What are your thoughts on LFW February 2020? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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24 thoughts on “LFW February 2020

  1. Thanks for putting down so many information about FW, it is such a remarkable work and you always bring the best content to your site.

    I feel like LFW is the FW that doesn’t deserve too much attention from the media, but there are many interesting designer presenting and some of the most outrageous trends have come out from England right? That’s why I think is important to take a look at what they’re doing.

    ps: my favorite for ever and ever is JW Anderson!


    1. Thank you love for your sweet comments as always! Yes LFW definitely has some interesting stuff going on, but needs to take the next step and become more relatable and wearable, but at the same time appealling on a fashion level. And yes to JW Anderson this season, so so good! Xx

  2. I absolutely love the designers you’ve showcased here. The details are absolutely gorgeous and practical, when pulling inspiration. I’m all in favor of structured shoulders and exaggerated sleeves. In fact, for the engagement party I’m attending that Eddie’s apart of, I’m going to wear a sheer floral blazer with structured shoulders. I love the practicality of the dresses you shared from Emilia Wickstand. I would love to wear any of those dresses, as well as that full on leather look, YES! Great round up, lovely!


    1. Ohhh I’d love to see an outfit from that, sounds so chic!! And yes, Emilia Wickstead was so entertaining this season! Xx

  3. I love the vintage florals! I’m on the fence about the fringe, I think I’d have to see it more before I decide whether I like it or not. There were some great looks!

  4. Vintage florals are great—I’ve seen it more in menswear lately as well. JW Anderson always has interesting pieces. It’s been quite some time since I attended LFW, always was fun to go. I’d like to goto PFW or NFW one of these days!

    1. Vintage florals are so much fun indeed! Would love for the men to work more of that. Gorgeous! Xx

  5. I love geometrical patterns for sure, one of my favorite prints to wear!! x


    1. So true! LFW definitely has an interesting and innovative vibe to it. Would love to attend one day as well! Xx

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