Last Days of Summer 2022

Okey, so maybe the last days of summer haven’t arrived yet, but they’re surely coming closer. I can’t be the only one who panics a bit, as there’s so much left to do and enjoy before the arrival of fall. And when I say do, I really mean wear. Yes, there are way too many summer outfits I haven’t worn yet. It’s just so easy to go for your casual summer dresses and favorite slippers over and over again. All those outfits that requires a bit more planning are still unworn. So, I thought I’d encourage all of us with this post to just take the time and put together those summer outfits and enjoy them. Here’s a big dose of inspo for that: 

Folks! I’m back with regular articles now, yup, summer life 2022 is definitely coming to an end! Xx

2 thoughts on “Last Days of Summer 2022

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you’re enjoying the lasts days of summer!

    For me I still have a month (or even a bit more) to wear many trends! And then the transitional season that excites me the most because I’ll be able to wear my beloved blazers following your tips from your article.

    Thanks for this compilation. I really enjoyed the blog post how to be more playful since you are always inspire us with more colors, shapes, patterns and textures in clothes!


    1. Hahah well honestly I have a few more weeks to wear summer clothes too, but in my head summer ends 31/8 if you follow the calendar definiton (june – aug). So I’m mentally feeling the stress to already embrace transitional outfits soon, because honestly, isn’t that the best season? Like, in my head I wanna be done with summer outfits already so I can embrace the best ones. But yeah, I can probably wear a summer dress in one month too! Xx

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