La DoubleJ Spring 2023

Folks! Better late than never with this review from Milan Fashion Week. I think MFW September 2022 had mainly two different types of collections. Either it was a 90s minimalism or an early 00s playfulness. I think the former is pretty predictable at this point, whilst the latter isn’t really my cup of tea. I think there are style elements to embrace from the early 00s, but to embrace distressed jeans, embellished crop tops, lace details and low rise in one look is not it. Anyway, I was going to say that I chose La DoubleJ Spring 2023 because it’s energetic, wearable and interesting to look at. Find the review from NYFW here and the review from LFW here.

Courtsey of La DoubleJ | Spring 2023

La DoubleJ Spring 2023

La DoubleJ Spring 2023 feels like an infusion of 1970s retro styles and modern favorites. It definitely has a luxurious Bohemian style to it, leading the thoughts to a jet set fashion. The colors are vibrant, spanning from orange to blue, green and pink. Different styles of floral prints are central in the collection, going from more retro florals to oriental, as well as florals resembling William Morrison’s design. The maxi lengths are important too, with flowy dresses and skirts being staples. The silhouette is both defined and loose, offering a more preppy style or a casual one. As for the accessories, the statement sunglasses frames the vacation vibe favourably, but earrings and headbands are also contributing. 

Courtsey of La DoubleJ | Spring 2023

Thoughts On the Collection

So this collection is quite pleasant, isn’t it? Although we’ve seen similar collections previously, La DoubleJ has a likeable and wearable design idea. I like that the majority of clothes are wearable and require barely any styling. Just add some nice shoes and a matching bag, and you’re good to go. A collection like this is perfect if you want a capsule wardrobe, or just a smaller one in general, as you have a lot of pieces that are already ready to go. As there’s also an elegance in the collection, to be found in the clean silhouettes and simple details; you can easily work the looks for a more fancy night. 

I love everything in this 70s retro look. The styling is just perfection. This is what I want to look like next year, for sure. Another example of terrific styling is this look, I just love the matching prints, but also the contrast of the shoes. I don’t know how many white crochet dresses I’ve talked about on this website, but here’s another one to love and adore. I just never get tired of that look for summer. The color combination in these two looks are really pleasant too, unexpected but nice. Also enjoy both of these dresses, they feel like a must for a perfect summer day.

Courtsey of La DoubleJ | Spring 2023

I think the collection could’ve been a bit interesting with even bolder styling choices for certain look. Adding an accessory or a color that’s not in line with the rest of the collection, can instantly make it more memorable and appealing. Although the colors are pretty much in harmony with the aesthetic of the collection, throwing in something neon or pastel can contrast everything favourably. In fact, it would be nice to see this collection in another set of color. For instance, imagine all of this in hot pink, lavender purple and apple red. Just something to disrupt the harmony a bit. Also, it would’ve been nice to see more bags in the collection too, as I’m sure they could take the styling next level. Overall though, a nice, simple and likeable collection that I’m sure will be a hit next year. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on La DoubleJ Spring 2023? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

Courtsey of La DoubleJ | Spring 2023

2 thoughts on “La DoubleJ Spring 2023

  1. Hey Mia, thanks for your review!

    I didn’t know La DoubleJ but what a wonderful surprise! I like that the collections showed at Milan Fashion week are usually playful and full of vibrant details. I think this brand fits perfectly in the spirit of Milan fashion! As you well said I can see a lot of 70s references in many of the garments, and a lot of brightful and inspiring colors that could be used during many seasons, but specially summer-spring. I could definitely portray some of these gorgeous prints in a photoshoot in the Mediterranean *_*


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