La DoubleJ Fall 2020 – Review

Today’s review from MFW is gonna be a little different from the regular fashion week reviews. It’s not a collection from the runway, but a photoshoot! I normally choose collections from the runway, for the ultimate fashion week feeling, but La DoubleJ fall 2020 was too entertaining to ignore. The collection is all about the retro vibe of the 1960s and 1970s, a vibe that’s been paired with a wearable maximalism. It’s energetic, bubbly and memorable! Here’s a review of La DoubleJ Fall 2020. See the full collection here.

La DoubleJ Fall 2020

The collection centers around its retro prints. It’s both geometrical ones of the 1960s, with optic illusions, and the 1970s’ paisley and liberty patterns. These styles are paired together for an eclectic look. The common thread in the collection, except the extensive use of patterns, are the color palette of white, blue and red. The silhouette is often fitted or done in an exaggerated A-style. I’d say the clothes are typical of the retro style too, pending from mini dresses to maxi, jumpsuits, capes and jackets. The collection is centered to the everyday fashion, although some metallic tones are used for the final looks of the collection. The outfits are playful but remains sophisticated with their fitted, tailored, style and thorough styling. 

Courtsey of La DoubleJ | Fall 2020
Courtsey of La DoubleJ | Fall 2020

Thoughts on the Collection

I adore this collection. I really do. Although it’s heavily inspired by a retro fashion, it still feels innovative and fresh. I love the bold print mixing that follows all the rules of how it’s done right. The colors of red, blue and white might sound awkward but works in a retro context. The black, beige and brown looks of the collections are perfectly in line with the casual 1970s spirit. The styling is really fun with colorful eyeshadows, statement earrings, embellished shoes and high socks. Especially the combination of patterned clothes and statement earrings is an unexpected one. More is more indeed, but done in a wearable way!

The first looks of the collection are chic with the distinct 1960’s style. I love the fitted maxi dress in the first look, gorgeous with the colorful makeup. The print mix in this look is perfection. Two different patterns done in the same colors and you’re good to go! Love how the jackets have been layered in this look and this look. This definitely makes me wanna invest in a patterned jacket/coat. See how well the patterns go together in the second look? Same colors, two different patterns again! A third look with a chic jacket is this one, the A-silhouette of the jacket is very fashionable. The beautiful high-waisted maxi skirt in this outfit makes me wanna walk around in dramatic skirts this fall. Just so pretty with the maximized fabric and the pattern in combination. I’d also wouldn’t mind dressing like this. High boots with a floral dress? Timeless combination!

Courtsey of La DoubleJ | Fall 2020

Perhaps the looks that didn’t perform that well are the metallic ones. It’s definitely a highly personal opinion as I’m not the biggest fan of the texture in combination with the metallic ice blue color. I can’t help but thinking of the inside of a thermal bag or some kind of isolation, which is not a compliment. I’d however love to see the metallic twist applied to the beige/black parts of the collection. Such as this look or this one. But that aside, I think the collection is genuinely wearable, fun to look at and innovative in the context that it goes all in with prints, styling and colors. The outfits are wearable and so are the individual pieces. The bags of the collection might be a detail, but quite entertaining. For example, this bag or this one. Talk about creating a clash in the outfit but keeping it wearable and likable.

Folks! What are your thoughts on La DoubleJ Fall 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

Courtsey of La DoubleJ | Fall 2020

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