Thoughts on Kenzo x H&M

Folks, as if we wouldn’t be spoiled enough with all the collections from fashion month, the press pictures of  Kenzo x H&M is out! The collection won’t be in stores until November 3rd, but an early review has never hurt. Here’s the review of Kenzo x H&M:

h&m x kenzo

Random facts behind the collab:

  • H&M has done collabs with several high fashion designers since 2004.
  • This is the first collaboration with french fashion house Kenzo.
  • Kenzo is famous for their prints, bold colors and street style fashion.
  • The faces of the collection are not the regular models, but different profiles from the world. Artist Juliana Huxtable, fashion editor Harriet Verney and photographer Youngjun Koo, to mention some.
  • Do note that this review is based on the press pictures, and not actual product pictures. Therefore it might not be complete.

Kenzo x H&M:

Back in May  I wrote that we could expect vibrant colors and patterns. And guess what? It is a collection of vibrant colors and patterns. The collection has a touch of the 1980s, but also works some romantic pieces in a boho vibe (think Valentino). Also some regular street style/sporty looks Kenzo usually makes.The zebra print is in focus, but designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have also added some floral patterns, dots and leo print. There’s a lot mixing of prints and colors. The prints/colors fills their function and highlights different areas (like hemline, waist etc). The collection, naturally, has a focus of clothes for fall/winter, with a few dresses as exception.

kenzo x hm kenzo x hm kenzo x hm

Thoughts on the collection:

As this is a collection that aims to reach a wider audience, the collection should be more wearable than the high fashion brand’s regular ones. And some clothes do look wearable, especially when the collection touches a more romantic aesthetic. Like the adorable boho dress in the blue pattern mix (see below). Also the set I posted on Instagram this morning is great and I just love it. But the peaks of the collection have counterparts on the – not so good side-. Some prints and color combinations are not wearable nor attractive. Like the green zebra pattern going pink going ruffles going something. 

Kenzo’s comfort zone, however, lies within the more sporty street style looks and in this collection, the brand has mostly left these look for menswear. With bomber jackets, sweaters, turtlenecks and comfy pants. The likeability of the clothes comes down to whether you like the 1980s take on the zebra print, being dyed in different colors. The different prints and color combinations are not a complete hit, but this can also be a matter of styling. The pieces become more wearable individually. And to be honest, the collection grows everytime I look at it. Especially the bohemian looks. 

kenzo x hm

Perhaps this is a matter of taste, but how much I may adore the idea of mixing prints and playing with colors, I have a hard time seeing this collection as a complete hit. It will of course be sold out however. Everything with a designer label to a cheaper price gains attraction. Though, if these clothes were a part of H&M regular selection, some of these pieces would definitely be found in the sale section later in the year.

Overall: not a hit and not a miss! What are your thoughts on the collection, any favorite? Leave a comment below!

kenzo x hm kenzo x hm kenzo x hmkenzo x hmkenzo x hmkenzo x hm

70 thoughts on “Thoughts on Kenzo x H&M

  1. I was a huge fan of the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection and scooped up the majority of the oversized coats from that and wear them all today. These kinds of classic pieces are more my every day style. I wouldn’t have really thought about purchasing Kenzo until this collab and while I don’t necessary think a lot of it fits my personal aesthetic, I find some of the pieces very Harajuku, Japan street style inspired, which I absolutely adore. These bold fashions constantly inspire my looks in some way, and I scooped up the multi-colour block faux fur hoodie as a statement piece from the collection.
    I think this will encourage more fashion risk taking at the very least, and I’m all for that.

    1. The Isabel Marant x H&M collection was so lovely, and came perfect in time when Marant was the buzz of the seasons! I do love some pieces too, especially the ones that are more romantic and boho. Didn’t get any though. And it’s definitely a fine balance between encouraging people to do more with fashion and to “scare” them away with too bold designs! But yes, empowering people to be more bold when it comes to fashion is the way! Xx

  2. I am in full agreement with you…part of me loves this collection and part of me just doesn’t find it remotely practical or wearable. H&M’s previous designer collections have felt very accessible to me and have produced pieces I feel I could incorporate into my daily life. This one isn’t leaving me feeling quite like that…

  3. I do love the colors in this collection, but some of the prints are a little loud for me. I’ll have to check them out in person next month in the store.

  4. I don’t really follow fashion news and I didn’t know about this collaboration until now 🙂 As you said, some of these clothes are actually wearable than what you see in fashion shows. Love the colours and style of that maxi dress! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. To be honest I didnt like very much almost every H&M collaboration… Every time of course there is some nice piece (low quality and high price, in my opinion) but foe the most are “too much”!
    The same for this one: I’ll wait to see it from real, but for now I don’t think I’ll buy something of it: too chaotic for may tastes!^^

    1. Some of the collabs are definitely more high fashion that H&M usually create! But yes, unfortuanetly, the price doesn’t match the quality in the way it could. The collection is definitely a statement and far from being for everyone!Xx

  6. Nice recap. I felt the same as you – that there is a very street style take on Valentino but with more of Gucci’s (was it Pre-Fall 2016?) colors. There are some pieces I love because the shapes are great and others are just not me, but I love mixed prints. It’s one of the reasons why I loved Peter Pilotto and, while it’s been awhile since I’ve purchased from them, Clover Canyon. Great post. 🙂


  7. I’m also not a fan of that zebra thing (last pic you posted), but I see several items already that I would definitely want. Seeing how big of a trend pattern mixing will be, getting a cool pattern mix piece that’s at a low price point is brilliant.

    I, for one, REALLY want that fluffy bomber!! OMG! And that dress that ends off in blue leopard print pleats kind of needs to make it to my closet. It’s a little bit crazy, but what a cool statement piece!

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    1. The dress with the leo print etc etc is so so good! LOVE it. There are definitely some gems in this collection if one really looks at it. And with the upcoming trends, it’s a great one. Not so wearable though, but it works for most part! Xx

  8. I agree, there are a number of pieces that I feel aren’t practical for the everyday either, which I feel defeats the whole purpose of the collaboration. Though it’s a high fashion brand, when collaborating with a fast fashion shop, such as H&M, I’d expect a balance between bold and wearable. A lot of the pieces look great for street style for fashion month or editorial. However, I do like the ones you’ve mentioned that have a touch of boho, like the dress you pointed out and the matching set. I honestly am not too excited about this one 🙁 I was so excited about Balmain, but didn’t get anything b/c the site kept crashing and by the time I got through, everything I wanted was of course sold out, haha (not funny then!). Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. Same here, they could definitely have made the collection more accessible and more of encouragement rather than a bold demonstration. But love the boho too, they work even though they’re also a bit bold! And Balmain was definitely something else compared to this one! But the collections are crazy coveted so yes, they’re hard to get hold of! Xx

  9. I think the collab looks very cool and very Kenzo… but ultimately not something I will probably be purchasing. While I can totally appreciate the pieces as an observer, they’re not something I can see myself wearing. In addition, h&m collaborations are often quite pricey! They’re significantly cheaper than if you were buying a kenzo original, but still a lot pricier than most h&m items

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  10. I agree it’s not a hit or a miss. The last two years with Wang and Balmain I nearly lost my mind over the clothes but this year I think I’ll sit on the sidelines. It’s actually a relief since my wallet needed a bit of a break anyways haha.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

  11. The collection is definitely not all wearable – the prints are quite loud. But I can totally see it being the collection that people wear to fashion events and fashion weeks, and I’m sure the lineup will be just as crazy as Balmain x H&M.

  12. Honestly… Apart from that one maxi dress, I don’t like this collection at all! It just seems so chaotic, too bright and mis-matched. Like you said, a lot of the pieces just aren’t wearable for most people, and in my honest opinion they’re not even nice to look at. :/ I’ve never been a fan of Kenzo, though, so I’m not surprised that I don’t enjoy this collection. What’s up with the last outfit, seriously, haha. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts! The pics hurt my eyes a bit haha but still, was a fun post to read! 🙂 <3 x x


    1. It’s definitely a collection that’s out of the comfort zone for many with both choice of design and colors/prints. Hahah and I know, the last outfit is….something else, but just had to show it too! Thank you love! Xx

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