Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2020 – Review

Just as I got ready to talk about fall fashion, NYFW starts and it’s time to discuss the Spring 2020 collections! Well, not that I mind it, it’s always fun to see what the designers have been up to. By this review I also kickoff The Fashion Folks’ fashion week season. I’ll write a collection review and a summary for each week as traditionally, but I’ll also throw in some street style (I need to keep the fall fashion present somehow, right? ;)), and definitely some highlights from the weeks and preview on what next year’s trends will be like. But as for now, the fashion weeks just started and first up is no less than Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2020! See the full collection here.

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Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2020

This collection if anything is a pretty precise reflection of the current trends. It might ignore elements of animal prints and oversized silhouettes, but that is well-compromised with other trendy elements. For instance: floral midi dresses, buttons as details, statement sleeves and a loose silhouette. Simkhai Spring 2020 is definitely following the development of the 1980s influences, but puts it in a context of spring. The colors are bright, pastel and as sweet as you’d expect them for a spring collection. Mint green, lavender, peach, baby blue, pink and plum are some of the colors you find. A lot of contemporary pantsuits and midi dresses, but also overalls are frequent clothing pieces. The materials feels light and refreshed with silky tones and semi-transparent fabrics. A lot of v-cuts are to be found for the neckline, centering the focus to the decolletage. Overall, the vibe of the collection is pretty calm and sophisticated! 

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Thoughts on the Collection

I like this collection from a perspective of being well-made. The dresses are cute and likeable, as well as trendy and timeless at the same time. You can easily see the clothes being worn in the everyday life, which is a strong indicator of a high wearability. From this perspective, the collection is partly sustainable as its made to be worn. However, the collection is highly trend-sensitive, with lots of elements relying on contemporary details. Such as the 1980s tones of puffy sleeves, the details of the buttons, the workwear overalls, the waist bags, the silky material in combination with midi dress, the tiny floral pattern etc. In a bigger perspective it means that the clothes will probably feel a bit outdated in a few seasons. For instance, this dress is a modern take on the 1980s style. The color, the decolletage, the sleeves and the buttons. With several trendy details in combination, it’s difficult to see it last in the long run. If it would’ve been in a neutral color, or with timeless sleeves, it would likely be more classic. This might of course happen at the cost of creativity, as that dress in black wouldn’t be as interesting to look at. But you get the point. 

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If I am to put the sustainable perspective aside though, there are a lots of interesting looks with pleasurable aestheticism. First of all, I’m crushing majorly on this blue crochet dress. It’s fashionable, bold and yet so delicate with the crochet. This pleated mint green jacket is gorgeous in its color and style. Love the flow and energy the pleats adds to the jacket. This silky dove blue dress is much alike the peachy one I talked about above, but I think the silk material is very favorable. It gives the vibe of a luxurious nightgown, but the cuffs of the sleeves adds a sharpness. And speaking of well-designed sleeves, I appreciate the sleeves of the first look. The semi-neon color is genius in combo with the quite “clean” look of the sleeves, the belt and the collar. What I love about this look though, is the lace piece under the blazer. The contrast of the covering blazer with the delicate lace is trés chic. 

I’m not too sure about the more sporty influence of the collection. Such as this dress layered over a bikini top, or this contemporary 1940s pantsuit set or this overall. It’s a bit too much sporty, beachy and early 00s vibe for me personally. I think the clothes lacks personality (perhaps not the pantsuit though) and the refinement that the rest of the collection possess. But, it’s a highly subjective opinion. Overall I do think this collection performs well, it’s wearable and a trend capsule for what the late 2010s’ trends are: midi lengths, 1980s revival, silky materials and peachy colors (and more!). 

Folks! What are your thoughts on Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2020? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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8 thoughts on “Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2020 – Review

  1. Eager to see your FW content, I am excited about Paris as usual, the most artistic!

    But it seems that proposals from NYFW are having a revival and a lot of contemporary edgy pieces!

    I love the way the clothes folds in this proposal…. all the pledges and the way fabrics fall down…. Pure art!

    1. Awww thank you! I hope I won’t disappoint you 😉 Yes, what I’ve seen so far from NYFW seems pretty good. I’m gonna summarize the fashion week tomorrow! Xx

  2. I’ve never heard of this designer before, and while most of it isn’t really my style, I did like the detail in some of the knits. It’s so hard to think about spring when my head is so filled up with fall fashion right now!

    1. Hahah same here though! I’m so excited about fall fashion that I’m not really thinking about next spring! Xx

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