Inspiration Spring 2019

Spring is apparently approaching (yay!), which means that it’s time to embrace its arrival with all things fashion and beauty. Put away heavy winter jackets and say hello to classic denim jackets. Go lighter on your lipstick shade and paint your nails in sweet pastels – you get it! I thought it’d be a good idea to kickstart this season with some inspiration for spring 2019. Some articles are from previous years, but more or less timeless suggestions!

Articles for Spring

Folks! Hope you’re having a lovely week and that spring is slowly arriving where you live too! Xx

20 thoughts on “Inspiration Spring 2019

  1. I love spring, the colors, the smells, I love everything and of course I can’t wait to change my wardrobe and wear all my floral dresses!! x


    1. That’s great! I look forward to embracing my floral clothing pieces soon too! Xx

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