How You Can Go Pink

So you’ve probably already noticed that one of the core colors of The Fashion Folks is pink! And though we stick to the same shade, speaking of the design, we are dorky fans of all shades of pink! Pink is highly associated with something fun, flirty and girly which is frankly speaking awesome. Unfortunately though, the awesomeness is lacking as folks doesn’t seem to want to be associated with it, as they don’t want to come of as unserious. We’ll leave the political discussion for another time, but would just like to state that what color you choose as your go-to doesn’t take away any of your power or fierceness ! If anything, it should give you some cred for pulling of pink no matter what the circumstances are. Nevertheless folks, would we like to address how you can go pink!

  • Pink is one of those great colors that changes it’s quality and function depending on pink1where on the color scale you are. Baby pink? Any other pastel color will do! Magenta pink? Klein blue or a tangerine orange!
  • If you want to play it down, keep the pink to the neutrals such as black, white and grey. If you’re bold, a darker brown will also do the trick.
  • We always talk about the poppin’ colors and nothing makes it pop better than a genuine pink. Pink comes off well with red, green, a pastel purple, orange and blue. The only no-no color we can think of really is a yellow, but if your styling game is on point – We’re sure you can make that work too!
  • Pro – tip: Pink and grey is the magic combination we shall forever be grateful to its existence.

Folks? These were some of our tips on how you can go pink!


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