How To Work Navy Fashion 2022

Folks! I feel like it’s been awhile since I last talked about the navy fashion? I mean, it’s a great style to embrace if you want to go for a more timeless look. The central elements of the navy style are stripes, tailored blazer, white/blue/red, knitted sweaters and also 3/4 pants if I’m to be specific. Here’s an article on how to work the navy fashion 2022: 

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Navy Fashion 2022

With A Bright Color

As both white and blue work with any color more or less, I think it’s perfect to go for the navy style with a nice pop of bright color. For instance, white pants with a blue/white top and an orange bag? Or an apple green or why not a lavender bag? The pop of color will make the outfit more glowy and interesting indeed. You can of course go for bright clothing piece to and work it with either blue or white. 

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With Gold/Silver

I personally think that gold works the best with the nautical style, but silver is a superb option too if that’s more your vibe. A white dress with some gold jewellery is a classic combination for summer, and same goes with anything navy blue and gold too – of course! 

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With Beige

If you want to keep the timeless vibe of the navy style, I think beige is a great alternative. For instance a striped white/blue sweater with beige shorts is a stylish one! I also like the idea of working a white shirt under a beige sweater and anything blue for pants/skirt. Really chic to also work a beige bag or shoes for a more subtle look. 

Folks! How do you work the nautical fashion 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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4 thoughts on “How To Work Navy Fashion 2022

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you’re doing great!

    I love navy style since it is classic but you can always give it a different twist or adding accessories to turn it into something special and different.

    I own a lot of striped t-shirts and there’s always a chance to add a new one so why not? I just saw one at COS last week and I think I will go back for it.

    Maybe I should style it with a bright color like the first proposal, but the option of adding beige or metallic tones are also appealing. I’d say stripes and navy looks should be a wardrobe basic too!


  2. I love navy! It’s such a beautiful classic color. My favorite is paired it with bright colors like you mentioned!

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