How To Work Fall Colors For Summer

There’s been a lot posts about summer lately, quite logically! Summer is not everyone’s season of flavour though, a lot of us prefer fall/winter (including myself). And now might not be the time where you want to know how to incorporate fall into your summer wardrobe, but to all fall lovers out there: here’s how to work fall colors for summer!

Classic fall colors

First out though: a minor reminder of the classic fall colors that are in focus for this post. The most common fall colors are forest green, midnight blue, burgundy, mustard yellow and brown. Then there are, of course, relating colors that are similar to the main five colors. Examples of those are the jewel tones or/and relating shades as wine red, burned orange and camel. The thing about these classic fall colors are that they’re all rather dark in their tone and lacks a bright color intensity. This makes them perfect to match with one another as well as darker shades as there’s not much color to considerate and style. So how can one go for a summer vibe in these shades? Here’s how:

Fall Colors For Summer - The Fashion Folks - Forest Green Midnight Blue Burgundy Mustard Yellow Brown

Go Pastels

If you’re not familiar with this fashion secret yet, you’re friggin’ welcome: Every basic fall color has a counterpart in the pastel shades. Quite naturally as a color comes in various shades. The simple styling hack is that you match the fall color with the bright pastel. That is: forest green with mint green, midnight blue with baby blue, burgundy with baby pink and mustard yellow with pastel yellow! And how about brown? Well, dark brown with a lighter brown (as camel) is definitely a chic one. If you want an even better styling tips for brown, keep on reading!

Keep them fresh

As already stated, the fall colors have a tendency to be rather dark. And how to meet darkness? Well, with light of course! Contrasting opposites is another styling trick that never grows old. Brighten up the fall colors with fresh shades that will give a more trendy touch. White is a great shade to do with forest green and midnight blue. Silver metallic is quite interesting with forest green, midnight blue, burgundy, brown and also mustard yellow. A tan color is chic with midnight blue, forest green and mustard yellow. Another shade that will brighten the outfit is grey. Grey works, thankfully, more or less to all fall colors as it’s neutral and highlights the other colors. If you think white is too strong to match with your clothing piece, try grey instead.

Go Popping Colors

If you’re not too keen on pastels but still wants to add the colorful life, you can always go for the popping colors. These shades will intensify and be highlighted themselves by the fall colors. Popping colors are defined somewhere between neon and the most intense shade of the color. Hot pink, neon yellow, bold red, bright orange, sunny yellow and Klein blue are all defined as popping shades. The best colors from the fall tones to do with the popping colors are undoubtedly forest green and midnight blue as they work to any shade. Brown is a fun and unexpected color that can complete the matching too. I’d avoid the warmer shades of burgundy and mustard yellow to do with popping as the different warm and intense tones will not do without some styling tricks. But that’s for another post!

Folks! Are you planning on working fall colors for summer? How do you prefer to style them? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

40 thoughts on “How To Work Fall Colors For Summer

  1. I had no idea that every autumn shade has a counterpart in pastel so I definitely learned something new today. I don’t think I look good with pastel though, I tend to shy away from them a lot. I have one hello top but I think I’ve only worn it once because I feel it looks so weird against my skin tone.

    1. Perhaps you can learn how to work the pastels by embracing some darker shades and add a pop of pastel?! I think you’d slay that look! Xx

  2. I absolutely love this article, my friend! I think the matching colors in softer hues look great paired with the darker for a more seasonal touch or can give an alternative for some colors that would work well for the season in general! I love to extend the use out of my pieces, it’s something I’m constantly striving to do, so a post like this is incredibly helpful in extending the wear of some of my fall favorites and also allows for the spring/summer pieces to easily transition into fall when the time comes! Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    1. So glad you enjoyed the post gorgeous! Love too to find new ways to wear old pieces, and this trick will definitely add life to your old pieces! Xx

  3. YESSSS. You know I’m still working Fall colors in June. These tips are fantastic! Pastels are always lovely this time of year. My own favorite styling trick is using the Fall-colored piece as a statement piece, and styling the rest of the look around it with light neutrals.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Mia!

    1. I love that idea, kind of doing it the other way around?! Love it!! Xx

  4. You would be so proud of me. I’ve finally added some color to my wardrobe for summer and I can’t wait to start wearing it! I even bought my first yellow item, a skirt! You have definitely inspired me to do more with color and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve come up with =)

    Rina Samantha

  5. Man, I love you. I’m just gonna put that out there. Can you believe it, I didn’t know the whole fall color counterpart trick! I mean, yes, I don’t typically wear colors, and when I do I just wear a ton of black to balance it out LOL, but I like testing new things, and I wouldn’t mind wearing some bold red this fall. Now that I know what the trick is, I’ll be looking for a baby pink blouse to match that red suit I’ve had on my mind for the past few months!

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    1. Hahah sending that love back! A red and pink combo sounds like a lovely idea! Xx

  6. Great tips! I personally wear fall colours in the summer all the time – I like that it’s a little different from the usual pastels and florals you see on everyone 🙂

  7. Love this idea, especially as it means shuffling through our winter wardrobes and being able to bring out a few pieces again – by mixing and matching with lightweight summer pieces! Any shade of blue is good in my book. Enjoy the sunshine!!

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