How To Wear Yellow 2021

Folks! Yellow is always a fun color for spring. It’s not always the easiest color to pull off, but with some effort you can make it a part of your go-to fashion routine. Here’s another article on how to wear pink 2021. 

Yellow 2021

With Bright Denim Blue

Yellow is a lovely match with a bright denim blue. I’m thinking a yellow top with some high-waisted bright blue jeans for instance. Or why not a simple yellow t-shirt with a blue denim skirt? The neutrality of the denim fabric and the blue hue, will balance the statement of the yellow. You can also go for a cute yellow dress with a blue denim jacket or vest – perfect for spring! 

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With Orange

If you want to make things more colorful, try and pair yellow with orange! The duo has such a nice, citrus, vibe to them. Love the idea of going for a colorblocking look with yellow and orange. You can mix and match these however you want. A dark green could be a nice third color, or why not some red accessories? 

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With Brown

One way to make yellow more retro, is to work it with brown. Especially if the yellow is a bit more faded, it’ll be a superb fit with anything brow. Like a faux leather jacket or a pairt of suede boots. You’ll have a sort of 70s vibe with this look, and you can make things even more interesting with a paisley pattern, or why not some retro florals? 

Folks! How are your wearing yellow 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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4 thoughts on “How To Wear Yellow 2021

  1. Hey Mia! I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far!

    Thanks for keeping us updated about the color trends for the season! I adore yellow and I wish I could find more things in this color, sometimes it is kinda hard to find colorful things, specially for guys.

    Yellow is everything when you want to communicate a strong personality, same as read! It has power and you can mix it with a lot of colors, loved your options! Promise to try the one with orange to feel like a beam of sun! 😉


    1. I’m sure you’ll find more pastel yellow this year for guys at least! And yes, it’s definitely worth styling! Xx

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